The Night Vision of the Log House
God sent me a powerful night vision and this one also had a female angel in it which is rare.  Symbolic females in dreams are often things humans put their efforts into.  But the Church, Wisdom, Compassion, and all of their sisters are of course female.

In this dream it was winter and there was a log house in the woods and the fire was burning in an old pot bellied stove in the living room.  There was a woman standing there in the room near the stove and she pointed at a dresser that had three drawers in it and one by one I pulled them out to see the names on the books.  Each one ending with the name "Smith."  When I pulled the bottom drawer out I saw William Henry Smith which I recognized as my great great grandpa.  To the right was John William Smith my grandpa and to the right the last book in the case was Bryon Earl Smith.

I didn't see dad's or brother's books.  I grabbed up my book and began to read and saw it was my life's story and when I realized it I quickly turned to the last pages upon which the woman / angel took my book and put it back into the case closing the drawer.  I realized that case contained the books from the Smith family, my family who had been chosen by God for His purpose.

Brother and I were both called and both of us having different skills but brother refused God's call and believe me God had been watching us our entire lives.  After a series of misfortunes and one that nearly killed him he had a lot of time to pray and decided he must fill that calling to train missionary pilots for God's business.  It's happened before, just ask Jonah.  It may be the only way for someone who's been cursed to find some peace.

Jonah was a prophet and brother is a flight instructor and preacher.  That means his skill at understanding spiritual things isn't the best but he tries, you must give him credit.  Understanding that our best efforts fall way short of being good enough.  Anyone who can read the bible and quote scriptures is qualified to be a preacher.

Good teachers of spiritual things are very rare and difficult to find.  My calling as you may have figured out by now was to teach the higher levels or more elite of God.  To teach preachers to become teachers.  To help those with special gifts find their way to use those gifts for the bettering of the Kingdom of God.  The elite of God are among us and some of them still need to get pointed the right direction and purpose driven.

The calling of God is as mentioned on this site and described by God in Numbers 12:6
.  That's how God called me.  Prophets receive very impressive visits from angels now and then when it suits the purpose of God.  In one of those special waking visits from an angel I was called by name and given a title.  That's how God does it.  If it happens any other way it is not from God.

God doesn't always come right out and explain it in detail but will give the elements of the communication and let the prophet figure out what God said.  Some of these things hang in my mind until my mind is able to realize what God was trying to explain to me.  Why did He show me the dresser drawer full of books?  The answer isn't that complicated. He was showing me that at least 9 of the male Smiths from our family line had been called by God and chosen.  They were grouped into the same category (one dresser three drawers three books to a drawer.)  He was also indicating that dad and brother were called but not chosen for some reason.

The Holy Spirit warned me before dad died "
the bad thing is coming" but did not explain exactly what the bad thing was right away.  Then I began seeing that God was not pleased with brother and in fact showed me several dreams telling me that brother and his wife would die soon.  (The general meaning of death in a dream means separation, the end of something.)  In one of those it showed brother as he was back when he was cocky and in his early 30's and he was insulting everyone in the house letting them know just how awesome he was.  People began moving away from him and finally even Father God turned his back on brother and went to another room where I was waiting with others.

In another God showed me a funeral where Raymond Moffett and his wife Jo was in a black car in front of the church in Pearl, parked across the road from the church with a line of other cars parked in the road while children were marching around in circles in the street.  Then he showed me the polished red granite tombstone with a single vertical shaft with a cross near the top and another near the bottom.  This is a death symbol that shows two deaths one following the other on the same stone on the same time line.  Husbands and wives are often given a single stone for both graves.  This is what God showed me.  Brother lives near a red granite quarry where they make the red tombstones.

When dealing with streets and R/R tracks, crossing the street or being on one side or the other it is the symbol of choosing or being on that side of the street.  Speedy and his wife were on the opposite side of the street from the church.  This means someone referred to in the dream has chosen a side opposite from God.  Children marching around in circles are going nowhere.  As a person crosses the street or tracks they are changing sides.  All the cars, children and people in this dream were on the opposite side of the road from the church.

Brother Forced To Land
One of the last I was in a C-150 with brother and we were high over a city and the clouds were below us but we could see through them.  The ground looked white and didn't seem right.  He said he had to find the runway and when we came down through the clouds we passed a huge building and saw a short small green grass runway surrounded by snow and ice all over the ground.  Brother turned toward the airport and said "I've got to make it."  But the airplane settled down on a fence of foxtail grass and slid on the ice to a white building where it stopped.

Brother was oblivious to me and I waved my hand in front of him and he didn't respond. (
That's me trying to help brother, trying to get his attention.)  He got out and went into the building where he sat upon a concrete floor trembling like someone who had just had a stroke.  A woman came out who had to do with flight instruction and asked me to take her on to that runway brother was trying to get to.  I said I would try.  (This woman represents brother's calling from God to train missionary pilots.)

We got into the airplane and now the road we had ended up on was a one lane road still covered in snow and ice.  I went toward the far end and saw two buck deer run into a yard on the left and turned into big dogs.  (
The deer turning into dogs and the ice and snow are all warnings.)  I turned around and took off between the power lines and the fence and was heading toward the grass runway when the dream ended.  This is another dream speaking about brother and the woman represents CWW.  It's saying that brother has unfinished business that needs to be finished but likely he won't make it and will need to ask someone else to finish what he started.

Brother has done a lot of wicked things in his life that he got away with because someone let him.  We all have our demons to deal with in life.  We all make mistakes in action words and judgment.  I screw up a page segment and God tells me in the night visions that ascended people are watching and they don't like what they see.  My shoes are mismatched and don't fit right and they want me to fix it, so here I am.  I've sinned, offended people, and tried to find as many as I could over the years to tell them I'm sorry.  They are all better people than I ever was.  I've missed a few but if they ever find this they should understand.

While asking God about that I suddenly recalled the dresser drawer dream and realized brother's name was not listed among that set of books, and that has a certain important meaning.  It doesn't mean brother isn't saved; it just means he's not in the same category as others in his family who were called and chosen for whatever work is represented by the dresser drawers. 
Another distressing message from the Holy Spirit however warned that brother was going to end up with dad and dad didn't make it to heaven.

Several times God has given me the opportunity to help brother and his wife but despite my warnings of certain things they refused to listen.  If Sara had listened to me back when they lived in Mountain View when I told her not to drink Diet Coke because it had poison in it she wouldn't have gotten Aspartame poisoning, fibromyalgia and seizures.  She would be much better now.  If brother had listened his health would be better now and I suspect he wouldn't have lost the use of his left eye.  Both of them think they are better people than they are and this is partly why God is upset with them.  No, God didn't create the entire cosmos, all the animals, and Adam and Eve in six days.  Those are six ages and they are only relative to our particular timeset.  No, the bible isn't the Living Word Of God.  Yes, it has mistranslations and mistakes here and there.  Yes, there are better translations.  No, it doesn't tell the full story of God's business among humans.

There are two creation stories in the book of Genesis and God did not tell those to Moses.  He told them to Enoch.  Moses had some of Enoch's writings and therefore rewrote a short version of that which is in the book of Genesis.  Moses was not there for the flood and all the things that followed until we get to Egypt and after the creation of Avaris city of the Hycsos.  The descendants of Abraham built it upon the land Abraham owned in Egypt.  Preachers in general do not comprehend these things.

I'm not going to dwell on faults and details of particular people but offer considerations to think about.

A man walked into a bank for a loan and asked the loan agent for $6000.  The loan agent said, "
Sure but you must pay it back in 6 months."  The man said "Ok, I will providing I make a profit on the money."  Does the loan agent give the man the loan or not?  Would you?

You can't say family is more important when you hold all the cards and won't sacrifice something to set things right.  Only those who make the sacrifice might admit their heart is in the right place and that family is more important than material things.

God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to prove he loved God more than his own family.  Many people don't understand that test at all and say they couldn't worship a God who would ever ask such a thing.  I guess they aren't in the same class as Abraham are they?  Of course not, no man in their "right mind" would ever do that would they?  But Abraham did and God had a reason for all of it.  He didn't have to kill his son to get God's favor.  God knew exactly what would happen.  Then provided the sacrifice for them.

Some believe the 'angel' that told Abraham to sacrifice his son was not an angel from God, but a demon / fallen angel pretending to be from God.  Those who have heard the voice of God will not follow another but if you have read the Forgotten Books of Eden you will see that Adam and Eve were tricked by the devil who appeared to them as an angel from God.  It could happen under the right conditionsMohammed was attacked by a demon and thought it was the archangel Michael.  As far as I know archangels don't just appear to lowly people but the only account I know of where Michael appeared to a human was when he visited David and just getting to David was a battle through the second level of the heavens.)

Remember that God had visits with Abraham and even ate with him, spoke with him through the angel, and Abraham knew God better than anyone else at that time.  They weren't just man and God; they were friends.  How many of us can say that?  I think Abraham knew God wouldn't take the promised son from him and he had faith God would not allow it.  He knew because God never ever went back on a promise to him.  He said he would have a son and he did against all odds.  He said his descendants would populate the earth and inhabit the land as far as the eye could see, and they did.  If he had allowed Abraham to kill the promised son then all of those things would be a lie and Abraham knew God was no liar.

I can forgive brother for being how he is because I realize he's been fighting his demon all of his life and his mind was not right from the beginning and the airplane crash caused bleeding on the brain which causes memory loss and the onset of dementia as much as 20 years in advance.  I can forgive but I can't forget and do not fall for the same things more than a few times.  You can't serve two masters.  You will love the one and hate the other.  When certain things happen you can't have all the things and say you love God and family too, because one or the other is a lie.  It says so in that same bible.  So when forced to choose, I chose God and truth over brother.

Some people don't know right from wrong because their moral compass is messed up
.  Their ideas of right and wrong are different.  They don't have to pay the money back if they don't make money, even if they promised they would.  If they don't make money they are justified in their own mind to break their word.  If their word is broken and no good then the person making the deal is also broken and no good.  Gina and I have been kind, giving, forgiving people all of our lives.  We have certainly given more than we have received and did so in faith and good trust.  Don't make the mistakes we have made by allowing love for someone to blind your judgment or skew your perception of truth and reality.

Brother and sister-in-law are in very bad health and it breaks my heart that all of our efforts to help them have been in vain.  In all my jobs for God there are certain rules that I must follow and one of those rules is when someone continually does not listen to what God is telling them sooner or later they receive their last chance.  There's no point beating a dead horse so to speak and I must move on to someone else who wants help.  Only those who want help can receive it.  Those who think they are well will not go to the doctor to have him help them.  Jesus said, "
leave them alone, they are blind guides."

Dad was not saved and yet he was called but not chosen
.  He was an elder at the Christian church in Pearl and the church bus driver for a long time.  When mom died she returned to me glowing with the glory of the Lord and told me dad was not saved and that I had to go tell him that he wasn't saved and that God, the devil, Heaven and Hell were all real.  He laughed at me and told me I was out of my mind.  It was clear he did not believe and said mom couldn't have returned to tell me that.  Three times she had me tell him and the fourth she came back and said his blood is not on my hands.  She released me from the deal.

The point is of course that people can be called and not chosen, can think they are saved when they aren't and it's all bad and very sad.  When dad died mom returned again to tell me he was still down here with his mind a mess and unable to speak but he was furious with someone wearing a tall funny looking hat who parked his car in the road and stood inside the bank waiting to steal money that dad intended for someone else.  I can tell you who that man is with the sillily hat but you might just as well guess.  The hat of course represents the thoughts in the mind of the man wearing the hat.  It was a silly tall hat that looks like a chimney sweeper hat in old London. It means the man has high thinking and silly thoughts.

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