Just finished the 5th round of chemo and didn't think it could get worse than what I had experienced so far.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I began puking while in the chemo chair and puked frequenctly without sleep and without eating until last night Sat. morning I should say at 12:30am.  One more round of chemo to go, if it doesn't kill me first.

Two rounds of chemo down another one coming up.  It keeps me sick for about 10 days then I get to recover some then they hit me with it again.  4 more rounds to go.

I have Mesothelioma cancer.  I've had 4 rounds of really nasty chemo and half my right lung removed.  There is no cure for this kind of cancer.  They can chemo you until there's no longer any sign of the cancer and 6-12 months later it returns.  Yes it's returned and I'm set to do more chemo starting August 29th.  They are changing the type of chemo using something new this time they think will kill the cancer off faster without having such bad side effects.

They watch me every so many months and when it shows up again they hit me again with the chemo, that's how it works.  Everyone who gets this kind of cancer will eventually die from it, some faster than others depending on which type of Mesothelioma it is.  I have the slower growing form of it which is why my doctors have been able to keep me alive until now.

Pain is a constant companion.  I try to do my work but I can see how I'm going to need to retire from the video production business that I've done for so many years.  Chemo makes me sick, my mind disengages and I can't think to work.  Being sick, unable to sleep or eat and always being tired goes along with it.

I've been working on Ember Reign book 4, I hate to leave things unfinished.  Very likely it will be the last in the Ember Reign series.  Writing is mind intensive and wears me out fast.  Once they start the new round of chemo I won't be able to write during that time.  6 rounds of chemo each spaced 3 weeks apart.  Then it takes about 6 months to get where I can function halfway at best.

I do a lot of praying and God knows well what a mess I'm in but hasn't shown much interest in giving me a full cure.  Guiding my doctors seems to be about all He's been doing and I'll take what I can get, along with all the prayers I can get.

My good friend Billy Dale woke up one morning with new life threatening health issues of his own.  So many of my friends are sick with things there are no cures for.

I had two computers crash in the past 3 months and my main work computer that was a brand new custom build.  We ordered parts and got three bad mother boards in a row along with two bad sets of RAM.  There was no logical explanation for it yet it happened keeping me without my main computer for over a month.  The moment we got it running my laptop went belly up and it had just been rebuilt with a brand new 1T SSD drive.  The man at the computer shop said "They work great until they don't."  He explained that when they do fail it's something in the power section of the unit and there's no fixing it.  There's no recovering anything from it and they fail without warning which is exactly what happened here.  I lost important files, I lost important E-mails and more.  My last backup was more than a month old and it wouldn't restore.  Windows 10 didn't recognize it as being a backup.  I finally had to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch then made a new disk image of it then put the old disk image into that folder in order to trick Windows 10 restore into recognizing it as being a backup for that laptop.  It was a long shot but it worked.

Let's face it no one can have that many malfunctions in a row, no one except me I guess.

I called in to a live psychic medium radio show a few days ago and told the guest psychic medium Vickie Gay a powerful night vision I had just to get her thoughts on it.  She told me I was in contact with higher beings and they was telling me of things to come.  Then she said "It's like something has been knocking you down, trying to slow you down so they hurt you to prevent you from doing your job."  I had that feeling all ready but it was nice to have it verified by someone else.  Vickie Gay is not an occult psychic medium she is a Christian psychic medium.  This is something the normal religious world is not able to understand or accept.  The fact that God's special people have special abilities is beyond their thinking because of their inability to comprehend how spirit works.  The prophets of God spoke to spirits, they dealt with them but they did not worship them as the occult do.

I just got my web editor working again and I'm trying to do several jobs now but wanted my visitors here to know I'm back for the time being.

I've been answering messages several per day from people who are dealing with serious entities and spiritual problems.

Sometimes I don't get to all of them in a day but if you sent me a message be sure I'm working my way toward it slowly but surely.  If you thing maybe I didn't get the message send it again because I have mail filters and email program problems I'm dealing with at this time.

Remember I'm here to help if I can, that's what I do.  I don't charge for what I do to help people but I do have other jobs that need my attention as well.  I can't do everything at once but often work back and forth between two jobs at the same time.

I'm working to get all my Ember Reign novels in print and working on the websites that go along with them.

The new site is coming along nicely.  Putting everything where it goes, editing and adding new content is challenging and time consuming.

I write novels, shoot and edit video productions, I do paranormal investigations generally to help people with problems of that kind.  I run 11 websites and I do stay busy.  Some days I spend all day answering messages from people concerning these subjects and I don't charge anyone anything.  I only ask they are civil with me and follow my rules.  If they have a legitimate question I will do my best to answer it.

Finishing this new site may take all year since as I said I do other things.  I'm trying to work on a page here every day.  The old site is so big I get lost in it.  I want the pages right when I finish them and move to another page and it all takes time.

When I write a novel I generally spend a year writing and another editing before I hand it over to my editor and let her edit it for another 6 months.  Any published author will tell you the editing is never done but sooner or later you must stop and call it finished.

Those who are accessing the new editing of this site I'm asking them to keep an eye out for mistakes or things that might be added and let me know.  My eyes are not good as they once were and I use a spelling checker that I can't read well so sometimes I get an auto "correct" that is a mistake.  Sometimes my eyes read what should be there instead of what is there.  One wrong word in a critical place can ruin the message.  For example, 'God intended' or 'God did not intend', the wrong one won't work.  I say "take me for what I mean not what I say" sometimes. :-)

Thank you.