We are certainly living in the latter days shortly before the Great Tribulations.  We were given signs to watch for the end times in the bible.  Not everyone is aware of all the signs but some of them are quite clear and easy to see, some not so much.  Certain keys have been given to know the approximate time of the latter days and second coming but most are not aware what to look for unless the Holy Spirit of God tells them.  Where does that leave everyone else who do not have the Holy Spirit?  It leaves them seeking the information they need to find their way and to know the truth.

This page is about Trump, who he really is, and who is responsible for putting him in office, and why but I shall get to that momentarily.

Over the years people who have claimed to be prophets have gone way out on a limb to actually set a day for the second coming of Christ, and so far they have all been wrong.  Why?  Because the bible says no man knows the day or the hour.  Even Jesus said only the Father knows and I'll explain why only the Father knows shortly.  They who try to predict the day contradict what the bible said.  We are told that many would come saying they are Jesus.  These things have been going on for a very long time.  Even the Disciples of Jesus thought he would return in their life time.  That should tell you that almost anyone can be wrong.  People get tired of hearing it and then fail to believe when the truth is actually being spoken by the real prophets of God.  Who does this serve?  The Luciferians, servants of the devil.

I've presented parts of my story and quoted Numbers 12:6 to people in "Spiritual Awakening" groups to be met with "God doesn't talk to people in dreams" and then to receive the quote concerning the false prophets who were lying to Saul about events in his day.  Yes the false prophets lied, they said they had dreams because people then and now are so gullable and God and the true prophets of God were furious with them because people believed the lies.

In the book of Revelation we read God speaking, in the latter days your sons and daughters will have visions, your old men will have dreams.   This speaks of people being called by God in the Spirit of Elijah to warn of things to come.  These are prophets of God. 
Another version says in those days the spirit of Elijah will come before the return of the Lord.  If you know how to read it you can apply the same things to the first coming of the Messiah.  John the Baptizer had the spirit of Elijah (not reincarnated) who came to announce the coming of the Lord.  In the latter days many will have this spirit and what was the spirit of Elijah?  It was the spirit that warns the God less and brings hope to the faithful.  There has never been more people on planet Earth who have the spirit and gift of prophecy than today.  Likewise when God steps up his game the devil does likewise and there has never been more supporters of Lucifer and the spirits of deception than there are today.  There have never been such a multitude of deceived people on Earth as there are today.

It's like a massive chess game between these two and it always has been.  The reason why God wouldn't allow any symbols to be worshiped or placed in the temple was because God knew the devil would use it against the people to harm them.  He knew because he had seen it before and in an effort to prevent it from happening again God said "don't do it!"  Yet the people do it just the same.  Only a very few are aware which symbols belonged to God before the devil took them and perverted them in order to deceive the people.  One symbol in particular that belonged to God and still does is one of the most perverted and misused symbols on the planet and it is used directly as a symbol of the controlling group of Lucifer.  It is recognized by literally everyone but less than .1% know it belonged to God first and the devil second.  This is the Luciferians who are behind the great deceptions on Earth today.  They own the 6 major News media networks and if you ask is CNN one of them I will say "YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!"  The reason I'm not explaining what that symbol is here is because it was taken and used by people who worshiped Lucifer many1000s of years ago and it will not help you in knowing at this point and might only serve to confuse you even more.  I will give a clue.  It was a symbol used in ancient times when God would say "ask them to to give you a sign from heaven so you will know who sent them he would show them that symbol.  Then they would know that person was sent by God.  Followers of Lucifer then took that symbol and used it as their own and deceived and lead a multitude to their doom.

Look to the Past for Answers to the Future.
In the night vision where I was taken by two angels with flaming wings to a launch pad at NASA in Florida I saw the teacher dressed in a black dress holding a bible in her right hand.  I heard a voice say "Look to the past for answers to the future."  This is one of the keys.  If you want to know about the end time events you must understand past events from the bible before it makes sense.  The events we are looking at are events that proceeded massive disasters for the humans who refused to listen or who were simply deceived to the point they refused to respond to God's commands.  You must also take into accounts the events that happened concerning the announcement the Messiah had come.

In the days of Noah God gave the warning through Noah and in those days there were giants on the Earth who were known as Nepal or Giants.  They were well known and they were the product of the interaction of beings known as Gregori mating with human women.  These beings were known literally world wide which is why they called them the great men of renown, meaning they were notorious / famous.  These Gregori had a contract with Elohim (The Great Magistrates) (God of the Creation) which they broke when they mated with human women.  The meaning of this is simple.  There were beings on the Earth who were not of God who controlled and manipulated the population and lead them away from God.  Every time the prophet of God would warn them the Giants who controlled the political party of that day would deceive them and prevent them from turning back to God.  Keep this in mind.

Noah pleaded with God and God allowed an extension of that destruction.  In this he told Methuselah that he would not die until that day came.  He lived to be 969 years old.  That's how far past the normal age than God extended the time of the destruction.

Learn the tactics of the enemy.  Understand the action and reactions involved between the forces of truth and the forces of darkness.  Who today can you think of who deceives the multitude and steers them away from God?  Who can you think of that allows and openly promotes perversions despite the warnings of God?  I'll give you a clue, look at the major news media and find who they support.  Learn their motivations and understand the methods they use because it's not new, the spirit of the enemy has done this before.
Sodom & Gomorrah
There was a great perversion in the cities and it lead the people astray and away from the will of God.  I've had people argue with me that it wasn't about their sexual perversions but was only because they tried to seduce and have sex with angels.  I would like to correct those who think like that quickly by pointing out God had not sent the angels yet but had made the decision to find out if it was as bad as Lot's prayers said it was.  God was all ready in position to destroy the cities but there was unfinished business and that had to do with the brother of Abraham and his family.  I could tell you a secret that isn't explained in the bible.  If you guessed that beings were there who shouldn't have been who were misleading the people into all kinds of self serving perversions and things God hated you will be on the right track.  There's more to that story that isn't in the bible but if you suspected that Lot was the one who was first sent to lead the people back to God you would still be on the right track.  As we know he failed and he prayed to God about it and because of his wife he remained there until the angels came for them.  These are things I've kept to myself for many years because the details were not in the bible and the enemy who influences the people will tell them "He's saying things that aren't in the bible therefore he's a liar!  Then you can't believe him."  This is one of the reasons why so many refuse to listen to the real modern day prophets of God.  I'm sharing some secrets with people now because time is running out.  There are prophets alive today who have been warned by Elohim about coming events and I am one of those.  I was told I would witness two great escapes.  God doesn't send an angel to wake a prophet up unless the message is critical and factual to them and their calling.

The giants were here in the days of Jericho and they stood between God's people and the land God had promised them after delivering them from bondage in Egypt.  The Giants were said to be sons of fallen angels but what ever they were they came from the heavens and they broke their deal with God because they followed their leader Lucifer.  The people who are doing the same thing today are also followers of Lucifer.
The people who are in charge of the great deception today are in fact secretly known as Luciferians.  They actually make sacrifices of all kinds including blood sacrifices that include the murder of human children on an alter to Lucifer.  Not all of their sacrifices were on an alter some of them were in public and shot on video.   If I told you the assignation of John F. Kennedy was one of their sacrifices would you believe me?  If I told you the murder of around 4000 people on 9-11 was one of their sacrifices would you believe me?  9-11 had nothing to do with foreign terrorist, it was totally a false flag event that was in fact a sacrifice of innocent human lives in order to take us to war in Iraq for a second time.  You should be smart enough to begin a list of names now of people who are Luciferians.  If not I can tell you a few and yes they are people in high political positions.  George H. Bush (Skill and Bones Luciferian) was head of the CIA and on the board of Majestic 12 that keeps the secrets of the "alien visitors" and their technology from the public.  He was standing in front of the book repository when JFK was murdered.  Oswaled was in the kitchen on the second floor when the shooting took place.  He was witnessed there by at least two women who remembered that event and told their story that he couldn't have been up on the top floor he was in the cafeteria with them.

was also a Luciferian and he paid 8 thug (gangsters) $60 each to shoot the president that day.  These are known facts that were never made public because why?  Because the people who own the 6 major news media outlets are Luciferians and they squelch anything that points at them or their people.

George W. Bush
also a Skull and Bones Luciferian was involved in 9-11.  Dick Chaney who was then the Vice President is also Luciferian as he was the one calling the shots on 9-11 from the bunker under the Capitol building.  He's the one who gave the orders to attack and this was also witnessed by someone who was there.  This story was originally on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV series and shortly after they aired that his show was canceled.  On that same show he interviewed the woman who was in charge of the 9-11 investigation who said she worked for the CIA and was just protecting "The Company" before she realized what she had said.  This show was posted on YouTube by Jesse Ventura and I downloaded it before it was replaced by another show by the very same name in which those two parts had been removed.

You don't need to see the enemy commit the act to know they were involved, all you need to do is watch what facts they suppress to know they are hiding something for someone.

While the names I mentioned are Luciferians they are also pawns who were promised great wealth and power from the lead Luciferians, the ones who command the real power.  There were quite a number of others involved in 9-11 some who were Luciferians and some who were working with them for money.  They all have blood on their hands and that blood was a sacrifice to Lucifer by the Luciferians.

The Luciferians control both of our major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats.  Their cunning is unprecedented.  We the people have the mindset that two parties are actually going at each other fighting for the blessing of the people so they can "serve we the people."  The truth is both parties exist and are controlled by a singular entity and they are the Luciferians.  They aren't fighting to serve us they are fighting to enslave us.  They do it for greed and power.  They have a deal with the devil against truth and the "America" way.  Have you ever watched pro wrestling?  You get the idea those guys are actually fighting to win but they know who's going to win before the fight begins.  They have a disclaimer on their televised program that say this is entertainment only.  It's a show people, not a real contest to see who is the best.  That's the same way with the Republicans and Democrats.  It's all fake but they don't tell us it's fake.

This morning before I woke I had a powerful night vision in which I was in the ocean climbing at gigantic tower that had a light house on top.  I was climbing a three legged tower the segment I was on wasn't much more than a foot and a half wide.  I got to the top and looked around to see nothing but ocean all around me.  That ocean I saw represent the people of the world.  The narrow leg I'm climbing represents the path up that tower is narrow and few travel that way.  Few climb that particular tower and that tower has to do with the light and that light is "God's Truth."  There are a few others and some of them are on the Interment, TV and sometimes radio.  People like Glenn Beck, Jesse Ventura and others.

Now that you are aware who the Luciferians are all you need to do is find the people who hate the truth speakers and they are the ones who work for the devil sacrificing human blood in wars and deceptions.  Their agenda is power and wealth.  Who is the largest group of deceived people today ?  They are called Libertarians or Liberals but they are not what they call themselves, they are actually progressive.  They are the people who shove the political correct deception upon us.  They promote what they call "good" to us as if that's what God wants but it's not God who's directing them, it's Lucifer.  I could go into a detailed description at this point and explain some serious depths of the battle that is taking place for rule of the Earth.  The only way Lucifer can take command over the people is if the people invite him.   Hitler found the favor of the people, said he would protect them from the enemy but he was the one who set the bombs off and murdered his own people in order to create the enemy he had to protect them from.  They voted him in and accepted him and we all know the events that followed don't we?

Hitler was one of the three anti-Christs.  The next one will be the real thing so keep a close watch, we now live in the 4th watch of the night.  Those who know the bible should understand what I just said.

A man who is known as the Latter Day Prophet of God on the air said that God told him he would live to see these things come to pass.  Elohim sent an angel to wake me up one morning to tell me I would witness two great escapes.  Elohim does not send angels for the fun of it.  They only send them if it's important.  I will live to witness those two Great Escapes and they are directly connected to the events I have been speaking of on this page.  It wasn't Elohim who told me that God had sent Trump it was the Holy Spirit but the set of things that Elohim has sent me along with the message from the Holy Spirit I understand that is the case.

I've been praying for years as many who have been called like myself by Elohim for this purpose.  Some of them have openly said Elohim told them He was sending Trump to stand against the corrupt Cabal who has been destroying America.  I have been praying for the deceiver to be exposed and for God to give the people more time to realize what the truth actually is.  Elohim granted our request and that's why Mr. Trump stepped forward to run against the Luciferians.  He was elected President because Elohim put him there like it or not.  He's buying us more time.  He is not a Luciferian.  They have tried but they literally can't control him.  The likelihood of him being able to keep the Luciferians off of us for very long isn't great because as soon as  he's gone from office the Luciferians will return and likely no one will be there to run against them for the people.  The only way that can happen is if everyone wakes up and turns back to God.  What are the odds that will happen?

Ask yourself, if God really did send Trump and put him in the White House then who is the enemy of God?  The answer should be self explanatory.  Those who stand against Trump are the enemy of God.

There are people who are on the right hand of God and there are those who are on the left hand.  The left are actually being called by what they are, The Left and the Far Left.   They are also called Libertarians and Liberals.  They are deceived and most have no idea they have joined the forces of darkness.

I have other things I could go into more detail here on but for now I must go.  Pay attention and pray to God for insight and expect Him to deliver what you ask for.  He will as long as you ask for truth and don't seek things just to support what you choose to believe in.

God bless.