9-11.  A Crucial Turning Point
An insidious act of the "Shadow Government."
Our government lies to us every day yet if we lie to them we go to prison, ask yourself about those double standards and how is it we reside with a government like this?
(I'm still researching this and every time I turn over a rock I find another snake!)

NOTE 3-19-2014: Since I created this page I've gone over and over more than 160 videos containing information and witness interviews of the events that took place on 9-11.  So much new information to verify what I've already posted here and new information that gives more clues into what really happened that day.  I had a story dream about a place called "Foggy Creek" and I've been there several times in my dreams.  The place doesn't change much from one dream of it to another.  Most of the people there live in the shadows and don't like strangers.  There's one house however that's a white three story house and a man and woman live there who are "teachers."  In the last dream of that place I took three others with me because they were talking about Foggy Creek and I overheard them.  They spoke of the stories and wondered if the place was real.  I said, "Of course it's real and I can take you there."  I took them in a car and told them the story because I had been there before.  Three people with me, one hopeful believer a woman, one undecided and one skeptic.  Within three days of sharing my story I met all three of these people on FB.  That's when it hit me what "Foggy Creek" was all about.


This skeptic is someone who can stand right in front of the truth and not see it at all.  If one person says something was faked he will throw everything else out as if it's all faked, even if the person who said it was faked is lying.  A mountain of other evidence to indicate what happened and now nothing has any meaning to him.  I've said most of my life that people tend to speak from their own experiences and often seek evidence to prove what they choose to believe in rather than seeking the truth.  Some do not want to know the truth.

I mention this now because one video had a news reporter in the subway under the Trade Towers when the plane hit.  He said they all felt the explosion and thought it came from the elevators.  All well and good except the people in the lobby of that Trade Tower said they felt the explosion and thought it came up from the subway through the elevator shaft.  Then they reported a series of explosions going off in the walls all around them.  These explosions were not caused by the jet crashing into the building high above them.

One of the problems with finding the videos that I've seen is they are tiny fragments a few seconds long amended within much longer videos.  Refining them to create the video I'm working on is very time consuming, but I am working on it and hope to put together a shorter video with the most important facts.  Until then I'll share with you a news report in front of Building 7 that was being done when the reporter was told "get your people out of there they are going to bring building 7 down!"  He said "what?"  They told him again and they ran, the building fell, and he moved back in front of the camera in front of the smoldering building and he said, "It's clear that building was brought down with explosives."  The truth is they all were.

September 11, 2001
was a crucial turning point in many lives.  Lives were ended that day and other lives were changed forever.  All we can do is pray and ask why.  Why did this senseless loss of life take place?  What the hell is going on?

My wife called from work and got me out of bed that morning, she said turn on the TV.  I did and I set mortified at the images I was seeing on the news.  They kept saying Islamic terrorists were responsible but the moment I saw the two buildings fall I knew it was a controlled demolition.  Something didn't set right in my mind but the answers were too horrific to consider. If these were controlled demolitions then the likelihood of Islamic radicals being responsible just went from plausible to inconceivable.

The next images I saw were that of the Pentagon and the 15' hole in the wall at ground level didn't correspond to being hit by a 757 passenger jet, which is what they said had hit it.  And there wasn't one piece of a jetliner anywhere to be found in the first images that were taken.  Those tiny pieces only appear in the last photos that were taken and were likely staged. 
The same trick happened at the crash site in the country.  The first photos showed nothing but a hole in the ground and engine parts that were so small they must have come from a cruise missile. A woman who witnessed the "plane" go over her car said it was very small the size of her car, white and glistened like it was brand new.  She saw it go up turn over then fly into the ground with a loud explosion.  Since then I've found video interviews with others who saw the big jet first then a smaller white one following the larger one.  The small white one was a cruise missile.  The larger one was a military cargo jet painted to look like a commercial jetliner.  It was seen dumping small pieces of aluminum all over the countryside and upon Indian Lake.  It flew away, it's transponder saying it was just over 8,000 feet up when the transponder was turned off.  Meaning it didn't hit the ground.

We have all seen the images of jetliners that have crashed.  What do we see?  We see huge holes in the ground, tons of bent metal, seats and luggage all over the place and of course bodies.

Then we see one video that was aired one time by the news and never seen again on national TV and it showed the crash site of the last jetliner in the country, or that's what they said it was.  The news lady in the helicopter was shooting down on the crash site.  There was one hole in the ground beside a barn and it was several feet deep about 10 feet wide and about 15 feet long.  Something hit the ground and went off with a bang but it wasn't a jetliner.  There were pieces scattered over the ground and trees for about 2 miles but not one piece of it was a part of a jetliner that might be identified.  Not one piece of it was larger than a phone book.  Not one chair, not one body, not one piece of luggage.  300 people combing the area looking for bodies and survivors and not one was ever found.  Leaves us to ask, "Who made those emergency phone calls from the hijacked airplane?"  The answer is again something that most of us don't want to consider.  The entire event was staged by someone at the highest levels of US government.  Someone who had the authority to tell NORAD to look the other way.  Someone with the authority to send the fighter jets the wrong direction.

Radio conversations from Cleveland clearly state that flight 93 had landed and a man on the radio said, "I have eyes on flight 93, they are down."  A few seconds later they report the flight had crashed in another location.  Only one of these stories can be right and since we see it wasn't a jetliner that crashed in that field we can only conclude that flight 93 did in fact land in Cleveland as the control tower first reported. 
Pleases understand these "flight numbers" are not painted on the aircraft.  They are assigned by the FAA for certain routes and used as a reference by flight control and aircraft.  The aircraft N number is painted on the aircraft.

For more than 10 years this thing gnawed on me and I did my best to ignore it until one day I got real sick, wasn't able to work, and had time to begin doing some research.  I began looking for things on YouTube to keep my mind occupied and I found one video after another about 9-11.  I thought let's just see what these people are saying and I began and watched videos for days considering the possibilities.  Finally I came across one that just appeared on the edge of my page that said "This is one the government does not want you to see, they remove it every time I put it up so if you want to see it watch now!"  And I watched it and to my stunned amazement I saw what looked like a military cargo jet drop what sure as hell looked like a GBU (Guided Bomb Unit) and the video followed the bomb all the way to the Pentagon.  The jet was low and fast and vanished in seconds in the distance.  I watched the video about three times and hit the download button.  Thinking I had captured it, I didn't think about it again for about 3 hours.  I returned to show someone else and the video wasn't on my hard drive.  I returned to YouTube to find it again but it was gone.  After going through stacks of photos of G.B.U.s and cruise missiles he found one model that looked almost identical to what I remembered seeing, viewing it from the side it looked like what I had seen drop from the jet.

The Towers

I watched videos of witnesses who were there who made some astounding claims but ones that seemed to explain some of the strangeness of the events.  Molten steel was spilling out of several windows of the towers.  People blocks away were saying "feel that heat" and they were moving back.  Cars blocks away were literally burned to a crisp that's how hot the fire was. (Keep in mind these buildings were fireproof and hermetically sealed.  They were made of steel and concrete and all the office furniture was made of steel, it wouldn't burn.  Max temp of burning jet fuel was about 800 deg. and would have lasted about 5 min max.)

Survivors inside the towers and in the lobby said "the lobby exploded" but what they didn't know was the lobby exploded seconds before the first plane hit the first building.  People on the stairs said the walls were exploding one after another boom! boom! boom! as they ran down the staircases trying to get away.  Videos of the building reveal the same exact thing.  Bomb were going off inside the walls all up and down the towers and there's no way the jet hitting the buildings could have done that.

They interviewed a man who owns a company that does controlled demolitions and he said the same thing.  He said the moment he saw the images of the buildings falling he knew it was a controlled demolition.  You see buildings just do not fall straight down at the speed of gravity unless someone helps them.  Otherwise they fall to the side.  These buildings however were built to withstand hurricanes, over 180 mile an hour winds, and being hit by a jetliner without falling.

I saw two other videos in which the lead building designer showed how the buildings were made and he said several very interesting things some I've just mentioned.  He also said the buildings were fire-proof and fire could not spread from one floor to another.  The central shafts were hermetically sealed.  Fire could not move up and down the elevator shafts, it wasn't possible.  Yet fire broke out on every other floor and the man said, "It's not possible."  For this to have happened it had to have been attack by something other than a jetliner.

Most of the jet fuel ignited upon initial impact and all of it was gone in the first two minutes
.  It couldn't have gotten over 800 degrees and it takes nearly 2500F to melt steel.  Nothing inside the building could have fueled a fire hot enough to melt steel yet thermal images revealed the fires inside the building were over 3000 degrees.  Hotter than a cutting torch.  The black smoke indicates the fire was starved for oxygen so the main fire wasn't more than 600-800 degrees.  No way near hot enough to melt steel, yet something did.

Several experts on the subject including the demolition expert said when they need to cut steel support beams inside a building they use thermite to cut the steel then explosives to blow the beams apart.  Anyone can make thermite because the things required aren't controlled.  All you need is some aluminum powder some iron powder and that will get you going but if you want it even hotter you add a little bit of sulfur.  All of these things can be ordered from the Internet, so guess what I did, I ordered some.  I made my own test thermite and did a few tests on small scale.  There isn't anything easier to make than thermite and the heat and fire produced is astounding.  Yes it will melt steel in short order.  Of course the thicker the steel the more thermite you need.  (
NOTE: Nanite thermite (military grade) was used to bring the towers down.  The chemicals required were found in the ashes of the debris.)

When burning, the iron and aluminum separate leaving balls of each.  Sure there was lots of aluminum in the towers but there wasn't any iron or sulfur yet iron and sulfur were found in the debris.  Piles of iron that were still glowing and over 1000 degrees days later.  They didn't tell us that on national news did they?

Now there's the question of building 7 falling and the conversation that took place moments previous between the building's owner and someone who they said was the fire department.  A witness standing there said he heard the owner of the building talking to someone on the phone and he said "pull it" which is the signal to blow a building up.  A small fire inside that building and yet it went down just like tower 1 and 2.  No one could explain it.  Some said, "Well the underground structures must have been damaged!"  Guess what, they didn't show you that either did they.  But people went into the sub structure looking for survivors and said you couldn't tell the buildings above were laying in rubble because the underground structure was still intact!

A shocking fact caught on video is found in a BBC broadcast of a lady reporter reading from a script and building seven is behind her over her left shoulder.  She reports that building has fallen yet it was still standing.  Seconds later her feed is cut and during that time building seven falls to the ground.  How is it she could report the building had fallen if it hadn't fallen yet?  Who wrote that script?  Whoever it was knew which buildings would fall before they fell.

The Gold Heist!

Another interesting thing is a man went searching the underground areas and under building 5 he found a big truck being loaded with billions in gold bullion from a safe in one of the towers.  He said someone knew what was going on and was trying to get the gold out but abandoned their efforts seconds before the first building fell, as if someone had warned them to get out of there.  Do you recall hearing this on the news?  Then he said armed men entered and secured the area and he had to leave.  After going over even more videos of that event I learned the truck loaded with Gold was tall enough it hit an overhead "I" beam and became stuck there which is why the thieves abandoned it.

Sure it makes sense if someone knew the buildings were about to fall they might try to save their gold, but these guys knew something ahead of time.  They knew the buildings were going to fall, they were ready to go before the buildings were hit.  They also left before the first tower fell fearing for their own lives they ran.  That means someone warned them when to leave.  Now it's become much more complicated and a gold heist was in the works during all the commotion.  We don't have a clue if another truck had gotten out of there or if all the gold was recovered because these things were not aired on national news.

I've noticed that some of the original 911 videos have vanished from YouTube.  Anything having good evidence and clues in it is being removed one by one.  If there's anything you want to see you better not waste time about it because we know sometimes it's not what they say it's what they don't say.  It's what they do.  When you see someone covering up the evidence you know they have something to hide and believe me someone has something to hide.

Dancing Israelis!
A report came to the police about some men who were dancing and "high-fiving" each other as the towers fell.  The witness said they thought it was very odd and called the police.  These men were Mossad, Israeli intelligence!  And their van was loaded with explosives!  Another van was stopped by police that had a painting of the twin towers on it with a jet crashing into one of them.  These men were also Israeli Mossad and their van was also loaded with explosives.  Over-all around 60 Israeli were arrested and questioned over the 9-11 event and you know what they said?  They said they were there to document the event.  How could they have known?  Why were their vans loaded with explosives?  Why were they so happy to see America being attacked like that?  Every time I turn over a rock I find another snake that indicates 9-11 was not done by the people our government blames it on.

Bin Laden and Terrorists

The terrorists who were accused of this event at least 8 or 9 of them have been found in other countries and one or more of them were thrown in prison for other crimes.  You see they couldn't be somewhere else, they are suppose to be dead.  So someone lied to us and used the major network news providers to do that.

I mentioned that to someone who was once a news reporter who said they worked in that business for a few years and never lied to anyone.  Let me tell you how the news works.  There's no such thing as investigative reporting anymore.  Someone else goes into the field and gets the news then it's all filtered as it comes into the network.  Teleprompters notify the "talking heads" that we see on the TV screen and they read what's on the screen.  They don't have to lie to us to mislead us.  But someone at the top in that network building is filtering news and twisting it to suit their own desires.  So the fox stands there with feathers hanging out of its mouth telling the farmer looking down the barrel of his gun, "I didn't eat the chicken."  No of course you didn't.

When it comes to serious business you won't get the truth from the main-line media.  If it has to do with some event orchestrated by the shadow government (evil bastards in government) you can be sure the truth will be spun to hide the truth rather than reveal it.

I happened to mention some historical facts that are familiar with people who have done serious research into certain events, one of which was how Hitler had blown up his own buildings, murdered his own people then blamed it on enemy from some other country in order to get his people to give him the authority to take away everyone's guns.  This lead into WW2 and the murdering of 1000's of innocent Jews.  The "history" teacher said, "You must be reading from different history books than I have."  And I said, "I expect so because history books are spattered with spins and lies just like the media does to us.  Sometimes they print the lies the media tells them as if it is history."  You know the 9-11 history books says the act of 9-11 was carried out by terrorists under the control of Osama Bin Laden.  Yet the evidence shows nothing of the kind.  Osama Bin Laden actually said he had nothing to do with it and we know he was an Islamic radical, sociopath / psychopath who wouldn't ever turn down the chance to take credit for killing the infidels, but this time he did.  I saw the video it was on YouTube but I don't know if it's still there.  He said, "I did not do this.  Why is America always blaming me for things I did not do?"

Think about that?  What if the crazy man is telling the truth?  What if he had been blamed in the past for things he didn't do?  What if he had nothing to do with 9-11?  Then someone else was behind it and where does that lead us?  Right back to the possibility that it was a well planned out, controlled demolition.  Not only that, this idea opens the doors to the possibility that other events were orchestrated by someone else while laying the blame on a very convenient scapegoat, an evil crazy man who is capable of any atrocity against the innocent.  Now ask yourself why they didn't kill him when they had the chance and let him get away?  I saw a TV show today where a remote viewer said he showed them where Bin Laden was and they verified the fact he was there, yet they did nothing.  The man said, "They didn't kill him because they needed to lay the blame on him for something that was about to happen."  That being the 9-11 event that we are talking about here.

A man I knew named Bill Cooper had an extremely high security level and worked with people who knew about the UFOs, alien beings (fallen angels/demons), and government cover ups.  He began warning people about the government's involvement in the planned 9-11 event.  The CIA and FBI showed up at his house and murdered him and his wife literally shooting through the building claiming the guy was a terrorist.  He was nothing of the kind.  He was trying to warn us who the real terrorists were and it got him killed.  There are still a few videos on YouTube with interviews with him and with others who knew him personally.

I can tell you from first hand experience the UFOs and alien beings do exist and the government has some of those at area S4 15 miles south of Area 51.  I've also spoken with people who worked there and one of them dying in his bed from three different kinds of cancer said, "You know the stuff they say about aliens and UFOs at area 51?  Well it's all true."  In 1970 I stood within a few steps of a hovering UFO and later spoke with a mother whose son said he rode in the spaceship with the spacemen.  These beings looked just like we do.  These are aliens who are looking after planet Earth and the humans here are literally kin to the aliens out there.  That's a story for another page.  I'm just saying I know Bill Cooper was not a terrorist, he was telling the truth, and they killed him for it.  Who's going to hold these murderers accountable?  We live in a strange twisted kind of dictatorship in the USA now.

Fighter Jets?
Where the hell were they?
Now what went wrong with the fighter intercepters who were everywhere except where they should have been?  We know they flew in sets of two.  We know they had more than 96 previous mock runs at intercepting aircraft threatening the New York and D.C. areas and we know they had 100% success rate in all these previous runs, yet when 9-11 happened they were everywhere except where they should have been and we must ask, "What the hell happened?"  The people on the radar knew where the jets were at least part of the time and certainly they knew moments before the jets hit the towers.  They were calling off information and someone was directing the jets away from the targets not toward them.  Two of the jets were literally sent more than 100 miles out over the Atlantic and yet not one of the actual jets were over the Atlantic!  Why?  They had all these mock runs and 100% success and yet not one of these professional pilots or their team had a clue where the real event was taking place!  They were as useless as tits on a boar hog!  If they can't do better than that fire them and spend the money on something that does help someone.  My point of course is this, someone high up deliberately directed them away from the jetliners on purpose.
Follow the Money!
While we look for motive we can consider the new owner of the twin towers was looking for a huge insurance check and argued with the insurance company that it was two acts of terror against two of his buildings.  The insurance company said it was one act of terror against two buildings and only paid him half what he wanted.

The guy who owned building 7 got an insurance check and his building wasn't even hit by a jet and a witness said he heard the man say "pull it."  We know he gave the command to have his own building blown up.  Yet still the insurance paid.

Think about the implications of all this.  It's enough that the owners of those buildings wanted the insurance checks, they knew the buildings were going to be destroyed.  Do they really have enough power and influence to get people in the US government to do the job for them and then tell their own fighter jets to get lost while all this is happening?  Did you know the Pentagon has its own Anti-Aircraft defense system?  Did you also know that Donald Rumsfield had stated on the news one day previous that 2.3 trillion dollars was missing from the US treasury and he was going to find out where it went?  Well guess what area of the Pentagon was hit!  If you guessed the financial department that knew where that money had gone you guessed right.  33 people in that department were killed that day and all the records of those transactions gone with them.

Let's face it, US citizens, we got robbed big time, but it wasn't by Osama or his Islamic Radicals, it was by powerful people inside our own government working in connection with the people who owned the buildings that were destroyed on 9-11.  Some of these were situated in places where they could literally tell our fighter jets go the other way.  Some were no doubt inside the Pentagon itself.  Some had the authority to guide drone jets that looked something like commercial airliners at buildings in New York City!  That means these people have access to our military complex in classified technical areas where the news media isn't allowed.  The aircraft that hit the towers had no one in them.  That means they were drone aircraft being controlled by a someone with a computer on the ground.  One was seen launching a missile as well as dropping a bomb that looked exactly like the one that I saw in the video that hit the Pentagon!  Yes, you slow the video of the second aircraft down, zoom in and you an see both the missile fire and the bomb being dropped.  The missile explodes upon impact but the bomb passes straight through the building and out the other side.

Government policing itself does not work.  The fox does not guard the hen house, it's a bad idea.  If you want good government the people themselves must police it and hold the political figures feet to the fire and hold them responsible for everything they do.

So they did the investigation and spent just 600,000 US dollars to dispose of the evidence and explain it away as an act of Islamic radicals.  They spent millions investigating Clinton's sex life!  And you wonder why the national debt is completely out of control.  Well that's just the tip of the iceberg.  They squander our money, they start wars, and they murder innocent people all the time in the name of what they say is good and right and we let them get away with it every day.  Then we send billions to nations who hate us, we give weapons and ammo to the enemy so they can shoot at us because war is big business and good for the economy.  I have news for them, that money could be spent on productive things that would help everyone and make jobs at home at the same time.  The reason they won't do the right thing is for greed and power.  If they give us what we need to empower us they must also give up power and control over us and they are not going to do that willingly.

So the history teacher tells me I'm reading from other history books and I said, "Yes I am."  I have facts those books don't have and I didn't get most of it from the mainline media.  I learned you can't get the truth from them if the story is a cover-up of something someone inside our own government is responsible for.  In the process I've discovered several documented schemes by people in our government to start wars and others that actually did start wars.

I learned that someone inside the CIA actually did murder J.F.K.
and Oswald told his wife he was working for the CIA and had her take his picture shortly before the assassination took place. 

The experts going over the data and films said 11 shots were clearly counted but the media and history books only report 3.

The media and history books say the shots came from behind but the experts going over the data and film in slow motion say the kill shot came from the front and hit J.F.K. in the throatWatch the movie J.F.K.  It is based on facts and details and shows things no media news ever revealed.

Of the three shots from the window there were two bullets that hit within the vehicle but you may recall the one that missed is the one they never showed anyone.

Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby to keep him from telling anyone that he really was working for the CIA and guess who was in charge?  George H. Bush / AKA George Bush Sr.  That's right, and Nixon became president, got caught in an illegal scheme, was impeached, and later George Bush is elected to office.  Now tell me what's wrong with that picture?  What does this tell us? For one it says the history books are written based on the mainline media, and they lie to us on a regular basis and hide the truth. 

There's a reason why the nickname for CIA agents is "spooks."  Track the education, affiliations of George Bush Sr. and you will learn he's a member of Skull & Bones as well as the Bohemian Club.  Another thing you need to understand is once a member always a member.  These are all powerful people set on controlling the world.  George Bush Jr. / George W. Bush came from the same school and same affiliations and he's part of the thing that's wrong with America.  It makes little difference who you vote for in the Republican or Democratic parties because they are all affiliated with the Builderburgers, the richest people in the world and they are the ones behind much of the skullduggery in the world.

Now I'll tell you a secret.  One of the main symbols of the Illuminati is an owl.  The Bohemian Club has a week long event once a year for selected wealthy powerful people and in the center of that main event is a massive owl.  The secret of course is obvious.  The Bohemian Club is for the Illuminati.  They are one and the same.

F.B.I.  (Protect the people.  Defend the Constitution against threats foreign and domestic.)

The FBI is likely the largest police force on the planet.  They are not limited to the continental United States.  They've been spying on people longer than most and that includes all of us but they didn't have a clue what was going on that terrible day.  I say that because I've seen their evidence and I'm aware they were tracking threats put out there literally by someone high up in the CIA.

The FBI has many thousands of the best and brightest minds working for them to "protect us."  They were spying on us via the Internet and over our computers and cell phones before anyone heard of the NSA or Homeland Security.  You walk past some store, computer shop, or dry cleaners and never know that's a data station for the FBI.  They spy on people, scan them via cell phones, computers, video cameras and you never know.  Most of the time they really are looking for bad people, but here's the catch.  They have people working for them smart enough to know that 9-11 wasn't done by terrorists outside the country.  Why aren't they tracking down and arresting the "domestic" terrorists who were actually behind that event?  The answer is they know who those people are and they are afraid to do anything about it.

I'll have more on this soon and pictures and links to videos on YouTube.
Mossad agents in this van were stopped by police who saw the mural on the side of the van.  Shortly after this van exploded.
This is what one of the smaller beams looks like.
See how it was cut into with some precision.
Also remember these beams were cut in the same lengths just right to fit upon a truck.

The thick sides of this beam were at least 4" across.
Tell me this was done by jet fuel that burned up in the initial crash and yet every beam from the top to the bottom was cut just like this one.  Remember also that building 7 was not hit by a jet, yet its beams were cut the same way.
Skeptics are saying the side of this van was a fake done by a graphic artist after the fact.  I've examined it closely and I can't find any evidence of any such thing.  Now remember this van was stopped by police because of the mural and they took a picture of it.  Be aware that more than 100 Israelis were arrested and detained for months after 9-11 and later released.  You should also be aware that Israel had even more to gain by us going to war with Iraq than we did.
Wake Up America, we've been lied to!

Those of you who read and believe in the bible should recall prophecy dealing with the latter days before the return of Christ.  Go read it again and this time remove your rose colored glasses.

America that was established by help from God and the Founding Fathers was established to provide a balance of world power, and we did that.  The Great Seal of America was literally handed to them by a angel from God.  That symbol now changed and perverted represents the enemy, the great deceiver.

We helped stop WWI and WWII lead by psychopathic self serving people like Hitler trying to take over the entire world.  Know this, the world is not enough to someone like him.

No one in their right mind would ever wish to control the world.  Think about that a moment.

You know what they want most of all?  Money of course for obvious reasons but the most important thing is to lord over the people.  To hold life and death over the heads of all the people.

Psychopaths and socioapths have an unquenchable thirst for power and a following.  They have the minds of Lucifer and feel they were put here to dominate and lord over the population, just like Lucifer did.  Some of these people actually call themselves the Illuminati and do you know why?  Because they are followers of the Illuminated one and do you know who that is?  The answer is Lucifer.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy and do you know what that prophesy is about?  It will be a warning to those who remain ignorant to wake up and realize the danger.  You watch your TVs shows and movies choosing not to know the truth.  It will be the undoing of not just your nation but an entire world.  Did you know that your TV shows and movies carry the warning within them as well?  Did you know your printed bills also carry warnings on them of things to come?

Only as a nation of people can the work of the "beast / government" be prevented.  You shouldn't be afraid of the small militias who gather to protect certain areas and certain people, they are not the major threat.  The major threat are the evil psychopaths in powerful government circles.  The only things limiting their reign of terror are the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The moment those two things are no longer valid you better all ready be on your way or long gone.

God calls out "Come out of her my people."

Watch how fast they close down filter and regulate the Internet when that happens and now everything we share or get comes from the Internet.  Remember Russia and Germany, the book burnings.  You can't imagine what's yet to come if people don't wake up and take legal action against these wicked people while there's still some authority in the public sector.