Is the Earth flat or round like a ball?

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     Sometimes The Holy Spirit or Elohim send me on a quest to investigate certain things.  Sometimes those things are enacted by a friend or someone else asking me to look into something and give them my thoughts on it.  One of those in the past was about the preacher who taught demons come out of TV sets.  This one was directed by spirit to investigate.  I was directed to wait until someone made a certain kind of contact with me.  I had no idea it would be someone who believes the Earth is flat but spirit does what spirit does and often it's a mystery until the end is revealed.  I'll have more on this soon.

There are a lot of really strange things going on today. Back in the dark ages the Catholic church murdered people for saying the Earth was round like a ballThe church leaders said God told them it was flat.  Of course the more intelligent among them knew to keep their mouths shut or else.  Today however we know for a fact and through science the Earth is certainly round like a ball.  The church no longer murders people for saying it's round, that's a good thing.

When I first came across videos on YouTube where people were selling the flat earth theory (as gospel truth) I watched a few minuets of it laughed thinking they are either complete idiots or they are making a joke.  Truth is they are in fact something less than intelligent when it comes to this subject.  The really sad thing is there are a few people who believe this lie despite the fact they speak intelligently about a number of other subjects.  Shocking yes I know.  When I first encountered these things and these people I thought it was too stupid to bother with and never gave it a second thought.  The thought of making a page to explain these things was ridiculous.  No one in their right mind would fall for the flat Earth "theory" so why spend a moment on it?  Why anyone who's that ignorant isn't smart enough to breath right?  So why try to explain it to them, it's pointless.  Sad but the truth is that once a person falls for this thinking that sub-demon I mentioned takes over and begins to blind them and control their minds in a way that's just like how Jesus described the Pharisees.  He said leave them alone they are blind guides and when the blind lead the blind they all fall into the ditch.

You are bound to encounter these people sooner or later especially since you are on the Internet so I thought I would share a little bit of what I know is going on.

Being compelled by the Holy Spirit to investigate and to find someone in a certain flat earth FB group I went.  I spent more weeks in there than I cared to and ended up blocking 4 of them in a week.  I did however find the one the Holy Spirit had sent me there to find, and yes she's a flat earth believer.  Which is sad since otherwise she seems fairly intelligent and I would say likely a nice person.  So she friended me the day we encounter and that night I asked God "is this the one you wanted me to find?"  I generally get my answers to those kinds of questions in the form of a night vision, and so I did.

In the night vision I saw a small brown female duck I believe likely a Mallard.  This little female was floating in the water near two bushes.  I was in a small rowboat so I moved closer to get a better look.  I made no noise but she certainly was watching me but did not move from her place.  By the time I was 6-7' away I could see she was floating way low in the water.  Only the top of her back, her neck and head were above water.  I felt a sense of urgency, to reach out and save this little duck.  Again I looked at the two bushes wondering if she were guarding a nest.  I couldn't see anything behind the bushes but knew this little duck wouldn't remain that close to me unless she had a secret she was protecting.  EOD

I woke up and realized this little duck represents the woman I met.  She is in fact the one God sent me there to find.  She is in serious trouble.  She is in fact protecting something or someone and it's like a secret of some kind.  The water represents the Flat Earth group and Flat Earth thinking.  I'm not in the water, but above it in a small boat.  She's in it almost to drown because she's sinking.  God is concerned about her for some reason.  He never sends me unless there's a reason and often the reason is because someone is in spiritual trouble.  God calls her his "Little Duck" for some reason.

Sure, God the Father knows everyone but only sends me to selected people.  People who He is concerned about.

She gave me links to some YouTube videos about flat Earth.  I watched and like all the other stuff the Flat Earthers present as evidence there's just something wrong with it.  So I watched one with a man doing some quick geometry, drawings, showing some magnets on a table, etc.  There was something about the way the man was talking and working that caught my attention setting the red flags but where had I seen that before?  I watched again and realized the stuff he was explaining was nothing but double talk.  Ever heard the saying "tell them the truth or baffle them with bullshit?"  Con artists use these same methods when trying to sell their ideas.  They say a good con artist can sell air-conditioners to Eskimos.

Just to be sure I didn't say anything but sent the link to someone else who's much better at the math than I am, who I trust and said "have a look, tell me what you think."  She watched it then said "This is nothing but double talk.  Nothing he's doing is accurate."

It's similar to the street games that con's run in a very similar way.  Like the shell game.  You find someone who moves the shells while talking fairly fast and the next thing you realize you lost sight of the shell with the pea under it.  You been had.

They present all kinds of images to argue their point but the images and the story about them are generally quite controversial.  They usually don't match up.  Like the one where the guy shows a picture of a city in the distance and says it's 60 miles away.  Says we shouldn't be able to see it if the earth were curved.  Ok, let's consider math one of the other Flat Earthers presented showing the curve of the Earth drops 8" every 200 miles.  So if the city were 200 miles away on a clear day you should still see the city, all but 8" at the bottom.  Not even for the eye to register.  At 100 miles you lose half that, 4 inches.  At 60 miles you are just a little over 2" and yes you should be able to see the city and no your eyes won't notice the 2" missing from the bottom.  Yes you should be able to see the city at that distance. 

Why not we can see the ISS go over and it's something around 260 miles up and traveling at 17,000 MPH.  When it's dark or very near dark and the ISS is still in the sunlight it glows like crazy.  Look quick because it will only be in the light for a few fleeting moments.  On the best case you might watch it for 10 min before it goes into the Earth's shadow and that's if it's crossing right over where you are.  Usually though you might see it from 3-6 min.  One of the flat earthers said "You can't see something 260 miles away."  Ah, sure you can.  I can see the moon, the stars the sun and even the planet Venus and they are a LOT further than 260 miles.  There's over 4000 satellites up there in space and at any given time some of them are passing over your head.  I remember watching satellites at grandpa's farm.  I would go out at night generally around 10 PM and watch the bright dots moving from west to east and knew they couldn't be stars.  One night though to my surprise I saw a group of those dots moving in formation from West to East and suddenly they changed direction and were going north still in the same 'V' formation.  They didn't turn like a jet, they simply made a 90 degree change of direction to the north.  What in the world!  Yeah, those weren't satellites or jets.  There's only one craft I've seen that can do what those things did and if you said "UFO" or "alien craft" you are correct.

God had some trouble getting me to move toward and investigate the flat earth believers because I felt it was all nonsense and didn't want to waste my time with it.  God on the other hand was watching someone else and chose me to make contact with that person.  Also wanted me to do a page so others might find help when they encounter these "Tonto Elemento" spirits.  AKA Foolish Elements.  I've walked in spirit and talked with one of these things before.  Funny how they can appear human and how many they can fool with their cons because everything on their for sale table is junk.

Here's a link that you may find helpful and fun.  It's a tracking page that tells when the ISS will be passing over your area.  http://www.n2yo.com/passes/?s=25544

Here's a link to real time tracking the ISS.  http://www.n2yo.com/?s=25544

Flat Earth believers must get rid of certain "evidence" and "factors" in order to support the idea of a flat earth.  Most of them get rid of "gravity" and "outer space."  Then they say the moon is a projection and the sun is the same size as the moon and it actually orbits around us.  Of course myself and others present things to them they can't explain and some of them become very irate.

If there's no gravity why don't we float off into space?  (duck tape) ;-)

Where do meteorites come from if there's no space?  (They won't touch this one.)

Why are there 12 time zones if the Earth is flat?  (They wouldn't touch it.)

They say why doesn't the water fly off the surface of the Earth if the Earth is spinning at 1000 MPH?  Not really a great question but the answer is gravity and 1000 miles an hour isn't all that fast for a planet this size.  The gravity of the Earth is far greater than the centrifugal force created by the spinning planet.

They say you can't fly over the poles but two companies I know of for a price will fly you over both the poles around the world.  They think the Earth is flat, let them put their money where their mouth is.

So sailors and pilots who have flown around the world and returned where they began enter those groups and present their facts.  The flat earth thinkers say things like "you didn't realize you were in a constant left hand turn all the while."  Ah, right.

Consider the shape of the Earth and distance between certain latitude lines near the poles.  Then compare them to the distance of latitude lines near the equator.  You will notice the ones near the poles are much closer together than the ones at the Equator.  The image they show for our flat earth shows the North Pole literally in the center of the flat earth.  It shows the ant-Arctic as being nothing more than an ice wall that goes all the way around the Earth.  Any idea how many miles that would be just go circle it?  More than 8000 miles?  Yeah, more like double that.  Wonder just how far it would be?

Since we know the Arctic exists and since I've had a friend who worked there running a bulldozer to keep a runway cleared I know for a fact it's a real place.  Since I have a friend living with me who is a Navy War Vet who's sailed around the world and he was the navigator and tracker in CIC on FFG-33 he's the guy who knows the distance and course to what ever that ship needs to know.  He says He's sailed around the world on that ship and returned to Long Beach where he began.  The Earth is a globe just like we know it is.  Understand though these Flat Earth people can become very obnoxious and love to call people names and be insulting.  When the truth is known to them they are going to feel less than educated.

God doesn't always speak to me to tell me things using what I call "His big voice" which is quite profound and unmistakable, no that's very rare.  Usually God speaks to me through the Holy Spirit.  Most of the time the Holy Spirit speaks in a soft voice like a gentle breeze.  Sometimes it screams and kicks inside like a raging storm depending on just how critical the message God is sending is.

This one began as a soft breeze then kept growing stronger then one day literally last week I encountered two of these flat Earth believers in the same day and one of them was on my friends list.  Then out of the blue here came a scam artist claming to be a private investigator who had possession of a LOT of money and said if I wanted my share of it I had to hand over all my personal information.  Sound familiar?  That was three in a row but that's not all I got hit with last week.

When I get hit three times within 7 days or like the same day by the activity of sub demons among humans it's God either rubbing my nose in it or slapping me in the face to get my attention toward a certain subject.  He's saying He wants me to address the subject here so others can learn and find out what I've experienced and learned about these things.  People want answers and one of the most important reasons I exist is to deliver some of those answers here on this website.

The majority of the flat Earth believers have been infected by a particular sub-demon that existed during the Dark Ages.  These entities are energy and they never die, they are still around looking to infect someone while at the same time feeding upon them and then spreading and multiplying among the believers.  Nearly all sub-demons operate the same way but they come in a wide range of categories.  People infected by these things can't see them they can't feel them or what they can feel they don't recognize as being an entity controlling their thinking, their words or actions.  It's like being bitten by a tick, more often you don't feel it.

These people are aware the government lies to us constantly and this one guy pointed out from a concordance the word "NASA" literally means to deceive.  So he sent a photo of the definition for me to read.  At first I believed him and his translation until I began researching it myself.  You enter "concordance NASA" and see what comes up.  I have a very old Strongs concordance and it says the word spelled as NASA is pronounced "naw saw."  They transfer the meaning to another word Nacah pronounced the same which has a wide range of meanings from from "accept, advance, arise..." to "needs, obtain, pardon, rise up, receive, regard, respect,etc..." Nothing in there that resembles what he posted.  The word nasha however comes from the prime root to "lead astray" or "deceive."


Anyway you look at it he's wrong in his thinking and his information.  People are constantly trying to justify their beliefs and at some point when a person runs far enough off the path that leads to facts and truth they can't their their way back.  Their minds and hearts set in a way that facilitates their error.  The bible says when people become like that God sends them a delusion to allow them to think in error so they won't turn back to God and find the truth.  Why he does that I don't know but maybe that's part of the process of weeding out those He doesn't want for what ever the reason.

Years ago I challenged so many beliefs that I had been taught and told then one day I simply asked God to show me the truth what ever that might be and I would accept it.  That's when my life took a large turn to the right and information began flowing not just to my mind through visions and night visions but to my hands and conscious mind as well.

Dad said "It's good to keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out."  He also said "It is better for people to wonder about your ignorance than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."  Dad had a lot of sayings that I have found useful all of my life.  Jesus said test the spirits to see who sent them and I tell everyone this is a good practice.  Sometimes the testing is done by spirit and sometimes it's done by research.  Sometimes common sense is the best policy and sometimes it's  combination of all three.

In a moment I'll go over their flawed science.  Anyone can go to YouTube and find plenty of videos that reveal the thinking of the flat Earth believers.  They reveal their "science" to prove something is wrong with the Earth is round theory.  We can look at the sun and see it's round like a ball.  We can see the moon and we know it's round like a ball.  The flat Earth people think everything all planets and moons exist as disks and that NASA filters and edits all the video to make it appear these things are all ball shaped.  Aside from the fact that would be a LOT of editing and things would be bound to slip through the cracks to reveal at some point that deception was afoot.  Plenty of things slip through the cracks and yes NASA edits out and "airbrushes" out artifacts they don't want us to see all the time, we know that.  Now ask yourself what does it profit them to lie to us about the shape of the Earth?  The answer is exactly nothing.  They have no motivation at all to do that so why do the Flat Earth thinkers believe that?

We have all seen images taken of the moon, the Earth from the moon and from space as well as other planets all over our solar system.  You can find live feeds to NASA on line and can view these things anytime.  These things are not actually edited though a few of them are time delayed in case they encounter a flying saucer they need to cut out but the shape of the Earth isn't something they ever change.  They couldn't consistently do that anyway it's just not possible.


This is a video of a live view of earth feature being added to the space station AKA I.S.S.


We will be able to view the Earth at any time day or night from a NASA link so we can see the Earth.

The bible tells us to test the spirits but not to see demons in every tree and the flat Earth people literally see demons in every tree.  They think just because NASA lies about so many things that everything they do or say is a lie.  The truth is they only airbrush out a few things and most of the things they allow us to have is factual.  Yes they lie about structures on the moon they know about they lie about things they have seen on the moon they even airbrush out things on the bottom of the ocean that have been mapped by satellites.  The shape of the Earth and planets is not among the lies.

What do we know for a fact about the Earth that doesn't come from NASA?

We know the Earth has poles.  Flat square or disk shaped surfaces do not have poles.
The Earth has a magnetic core that literally generates a field because of it's rotation (like a motor) that can be seen as the northern and southern lights.

We know the temperature of the Earth is dramatically lower at the poles.  If the Earth were flat the same temperature would exist world wide along with the same lighting patterns.  Night and day would not exist as it does today.  If the flat earth were flipping over and over everyone would have morning at the same time of day and night at the same time of day uniformly, there would be no time zones.  We know for a fact time zones exist and how long those time zones are.  We know the hours in the day are shorter near the poles and longer near the equator.

Ham and professional radio operators are quite familiar with radio wave propagation.  High frequencies are like shining a light the higher they are the more line of sight they are while lower frequencies tend to bend around the earth and structures on the Earth.  Cell phones which everyone has today start their lower frequencies in the UHF 800 MHZ range and go to 4.5 ghz.  That's serious high frequencies on a very near line of sight system.  The moment you pass out of range of one tower your phone automatically switches to another tower.  I was a Motorola technician for over 3 years.  I owned my own CB shop and I am a HAM radio operator.  With those who use "skip" communications they use lower frequencies and from 10 meters and below you can skip a signal off the ionosphere and calculate about how far it will go depending on the conditions of the ionosphere that day.  Often these skips can bounce from a few hundred miles to over a 1000s miles on a single skip.  That's 27mhz or 11 meters for CB and 28 and higher for HAM 10 meter.  The lower frequencies in HF can travel literally around the world depending on the conditions.  The signals bounce off the charged energy in the ionosphere.  When they get multiple skips they hit the earth and go back to the ionosphere multiple times.  When they come to Earth that's when someone receives the single and often if you can hear someone talking you can talk back to them depending on the conditions and how much power you have on your transmitter.

Imagine this if you will since both HAM radio users and pilots can relate to it.  As a pilot I understand and have used VORs to navigate.  A VOR is a navigating system that transmits high frequencies polarized signals to aircraft receivers for the purpose of navigation.  Using this system we can turn to the transmit frequency of a particular VOR and turning the dial we can determine in what direction to go to reach that VOR.  We fly both to and from these VORs and we can take readings from 2 or more VORs and triangulate our position on the map.  VORs are fairly line of sight operating in the aircraft bands from 108 to 117.95 mhz.  They don't bend well around the earth therefore the aircraft must have altitude to receive them at distance.  Understand that if the Earth were flat you could take off in New York tun in a VOR in Denver and receive it.  Truth is you can't because the Earth is not flat, it's round like a great big ball.


If you watch some of the flat Earth videos on YouTube you will see the flaws in their science.  They take a tennis ball soak it in water and spin it to show you how the water flies off at the center.  Their thinking is if the Earth were a ball there wouldn't be any land masses around the Equator.  The flaws in their science is simple to anyone with a common sense mind.

1: The Earth is massive and has a powerful gravitational pull as well as an atmosphere.  The tennis ball has neither.

2: The tennis ball is a fraction the size of the Earth and they are spinning it much faster than the Earth actually turns.  The Earth rotates once every 24 hours.  Their tennis ball rotates several times per second.  There is no baseline numbers to their science therefore the example is pointless and irrelevant.  It only serves to prove their example is flawed.

They say there is gravity in space
and yes there is but when you are falling you don't feel it.  If you are sky diving you will feel the wind.  The moment you pop the ripcord you will feel the gravity against your harness.  If you are in space you will fall until you hit the atmosphere and if you are going very fast when you it it you won't feel it long so don't worry about it you will be dead.  If you were very far away from the Earth you could be weightless for a very long time not feeling how gravity is pulling on you because you would be moving along with it.

Flat earth thinking believes the astronauts in space should be standing flat on the floor just the same as if they were standing on the Earth because "gravity exists in space."  They say NASA hides this from us, so ask yourself why would NASA hide that if it were true?  Answer is they wouldn't.

Why are they weightless in space?  Because centrifugal force counteracts the pull of gravity.  The same orbit that keeps them in space is balanced with the pull of gravity of the Earth and thus they orbit and they are continually weightless.

I could go on for awhile explaining why the Earth is round and those who believe it's flat are simply wrong or I could give you a link to someone else's video who's completely debunked the flat earth theory.


God's Symbolic Language

I would like to add more to this later because there's quite a bit to it but their science isn't really science at all.  There are a few things about about night visions and visions in general that I would like to explain which are from the bible.  You see the thing Ezekiel had a vision of the wheels within the wheels and an abstract image of the Earth being supported by 4 angels who had 4 faces and appeared like molten metal.  The depiction of this image is like a table with the Earth as the table top.  The angels hold it up.  If you draw what he describes you will come up with a table like structure.  This represents the Earth but doesn't look like the Earth really.

The 4 angels with the 4 faces move together as they go not turning.  This is the core of the Earth, a motion mass.  It represents the 4 forces that act upon the Earth in unity.  Meaning these 4 "angels" or forces are all part of the same thing.  They can't move apart from each other they can turn from each other but they move together constantly and they are a motion mass.

The firmament above the table is just that, it's the air envelope around the Earth.