Seventh Day Adventists
Churches who are bound by the laws!
Remember that friend of mine who I mentioned took me to the Charismatic Catholic church?  He was on a quest to find him a church home too and went to all kinds of different churches and sometimes he would find one that caught his attention and then he would come take me to see what I thought about them.  The world is fairly full of churches who find some "letter of the written word" they want to hold onto as if it sets them aside giving them the illusion they are special in God's eyes.

The anti-instrument Church of Christ holds to the farce that just by not putting instruments inside their churches they are avoiding the wrath of God mentioned in the end of the last chapter of the book of Revelation.  They say if it's not in the New Testament then it can't be inside the church building.  So they leave the instruments out and install their P.A. systems, their big screen projection systems, and tons of other things that were not mentioned in the New Testament either.  They do not realize what they have done and how God sees this.  They have created a situation that only applies to those who do these things.  Just as Jesus told the Pharisees they would not be guilty but since they say they see then they shall also be judged accordingly.  What that means is if they had not hung up on that "letter of the law" thing the rest of the things they put in their church wouldn't be held against them.  Since they say they understand they must not add things to their church building they will also be held accountable for everything else they did under that same pretense.  They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Now this friend I mentioned began taking me to the Seventh Day Adventist churches and instantly the Holy Spirit inside of me recognized these as religions who had done something very similar to that of the anti-instrument Churches of Christ.  These churches hold into one single day of the week as if it were holy not understanding why the scriptures said to keep the Sabbath day holy.  When ask what day was better in the Bible the children were told that some hold one day over another and some worshipped on Saturday while others worshipped on Sunday (first day of the week) while others held all days as being alike and worshipped any time they felt the spirit move them to do so.  The first answer is let them worship on the day they choose because the second answer is all days are alike for those who really have the Holy Spirit of God.  The problem is when people hold onto one day as being more important than another.  In doing this they are like the anti-instrument Churches and because of this they will fail to understand why God said to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy.  They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.  In a huge building filled with perhaps several thousand people I did not sense one person there who had the Holy Spirit of God within them.  What I sensed was a building with a lot of people who had the spirit of religion.  The Holy Spirit with me said basically "get out of here as fast as you can."

God doesn't care if you go to church on Saturday or Sunday or Wednesday or Monday.  You want to know what the deal is about the Sabbath day and why it is to be kept holy?  You will need to also understand the Sabbath day is, in fact, God's days and times and not ours.  The Earth was recreated by God in Seven of His days, not seven of our days. If you read the creation story in the book of Genesis you will note that no matter what God did the day was not over until the job was done.  This is why the prophet said, "
a day to the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day."

Now the prophet was only giving you some idea that God's days were not our days but he did not intend for you to take him literally on every point of consideration.  What they are saying is it doesn't make any difference to God what our days are or if it takes God a thousand years or a million years to accomplish something.  When He gets done with a certain phase of His work then it is one day.  The process of His work here on earth now is nearing the end of a phase and we are now living in the "Sabbath" or "Seventh" day of the Lord.

Shall I light my lamp today?  Shall I light it tomorrow?  Shall I light it on Saturday or Sunday?

These days that we live in should be kept holy and everyone who is God's child should pray to God continually keeping their lamps lit for the time that is to come without warning.  It is very sad to know that so many will have hung up on the importance of a single day of the week and missed the Holy Spirit so far because of it.  Every time this happens the devil laughs and knows he has beaten large numbers of people who would have been saved had they only known the truth.  Every time God sends someone to help those poor misguided people the devil rises up among them with a "righteous wrath" and a "holy war" and either kills the prophets God sends to them or tries to.  This is exactly the same spirits and same battle between Jesus Christ and the religious leaders of His day and time that had Jesus put to death.  Don't think for a moment they are gone.  They are not gone, only the faces have changed but the spirits are the same and their intentions are still the same.  They intend to derail, sidetrack, and completely mislead those who are trying to find their way into the light of the "Living Truth."

During this time in my life God was teaching me constantly about these things and I spent a lot of time in spirit with angels who wrote messages to me, showed me page after page of messages from God.  They sang messages to me one after another.  They told me to warn this friend of mine to literally run from the Seventh Day Adventists and I told him.  I even wrote him word for word some of the things that angels said to me and he said I was crazy and lost and bound for hell.  I wonder if he would have said those things if he had seen the angels that I saw and heard God speak to him the way God speaks to me.  The spirits of that religion had all ready grasped him by the mind and had full control over him.  There was nothing else I could do to help him.  I was the only one who learned truth from that experience.

The Man of Brass
A powerful night vision
One of the powerful night visions that God sent to me concerning these religions that I have mentioned is the one I call the Man of Brass.  In this powerful night vision I was in an old brick building in a large city.  Several floors up I found a big room full of people who were having a big party.  I flew above them and I could hear them worshipping the man of gold.  I heard them sing and wondered what this man of gold was about.  Finally I saw him come from a room and began dancing and singing around the people, delivering his message of deception which they believed.  I saw he was not a man of gold at all but only a being of polished brass.

I began telling the people the man of gold had lied to them and they went crazy and wanted to kill me.  I then said I would prove to them he was only brass and the man of brass attacked me.  We fought a terrible fight and finally I knocked him right out through the wall.  He had no power over me except to infuriate the people toward me.  I looked out the window to see where he had fallen but he was not on the ground.  Suddenly his face appeared in the wall laughing at me and I struck at him knocking him back time and time again but he would move back then reappear somewhere else.  Finally when he did not return I looked around and most of the people that had been in that room were gone.

I saw an iron staircase leading upward toward a door.  This staircase looked like a fire escape.  I began to climb it and as I was about half way up suddenly my feet began to hurt with terrible pain.  I looked down and saw I was climbing a staircase with steps made of razor sharp metal and I had no shoes.  Suddenly I felt something biting at my hands and I saw poison spiders biting me and began to brush them off.  I knew I was going to die and the one thing that I had to do was reach that door at the top of the stairs and get to the other side, which I did.

On the other side of that door is a very long hallway and angels who looked very much like humans.  I fell to the floor and lay there and as I was dying one of the angels leaned down to me and said she wanted to show me something.  Then I left my body even in the night vision and she took me to see an angel choir that was so massive that I could not see the end of it.  Angels standing several rows high like on huge stadium bleachers and as far as the eye could see.  They were singing a song that literally lifted my spirit into the air it was so beautiful.  Then the angel asked me if I wanted to stay with them now, in this place in heaven where the music is always playing and there's nothing quite as sweet then it would be as I desired.

At that moment I was once again dead in real life and being given a choice by an angel of God.  I thought and considered the wonders I had seen and the fight that I had fought to be there then I said, "
It is more important for me to tell the people what I have witnessed.  I know I will return here now when I do die for the last time."  The angel smiled and the next thing I knew I was back in my body in the hallway looking up at angels standing all around me.  They lifted me up from the floor and brushed me off.  The next thing I knew I was waking up again back in my body with a message once again from God and from the angels of God.

What was God showing me?  He was showing me that my fight on earth was going to be a very painful one and that in the end I would die and return to heaven.  He was showing me there would be angels all around me during my life and this is not the only time He has revealed this to me.  He was showing me the man of religion the people worship on the Earth and how that man of religion has deceived them into thinking he is of great value when in fact he is nothing but polished brass.  He was showing me this was a very big part of my calling to deliver a message to those who think they are saved when they are not.  To warn them the time is very near and fast upon them and their time is running out.

How Do You Know For Certain If You Are Saved?
First thing you need to understand is the devil will tell you that you are saved when you are not and he will make you think it's God talking to you when it's not.  People who have never heard the voice of the One True God often mistake the urgings and voices of religion as if they were the voices of God.  Anyone who has ever really heard the voice of God will not mistake it.  Meaning there are a lot of people who have heard the voices of religion and think they are saved when they are not and that's what this is about.  The spirits of religion say, "Don't question your salvation or you might lose it!"  But the only thing you have to lose are the spirits of religion.  The thing you have to gain is the Holy Spirit of God and true keys to Heaven.  The only ones who are concerned about questioning their salvation are the ones who are filled with the spirits of religion.  People who have the Holy Spirit of God who know they are saved won't blink an eye over it.

For those who say I'm causing you to doubt your salvation, I say, "
If you are saved then you may have heard God call your name and you know His voice and you know you are saved."  To these no one can cause them to doubt their salvation because they know it is assured to them by God who has called them by His Voice and by their own name leaving no shadow of a doubt in their mind they are saved.  To those who have never heard God's voice, I say to you that "you have good reason to doubt your salvation.  Get on your knees and pray to God until He speaks to you.  Put everything on the altar of God and fast and pray and don't stop until God answers you and tells you what you need to do.  The only thing you have to lose by trying this is an eternity in hell."  Don't waste one moment of your time being mad at me for exposing the truth to you because you don't have time to waste.  The great battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is in full swing and getting more intense as the days go by.  It will continue to increase until the Lord of Light actually returns to claim His prize which is the One True Church and his Bride.  (And it isn't the Catholic 'Church' either.)

"Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me"
There is something very important that everyone who is a child of God needs to understand.  Anyone who has the Holy Spirit of Christ in them and that spirit not being bound will stand up and serve the Lord with unusual courage, knowledge, and wisdom.  They will also offend those bound by spirits of religion frequently.

Jesus said, "
Take up your cross and follow me."  What do you think He was telling us?  If we who have the Holy Spirit of Christ within us do as we are told by Him, we will do what Jesus did and will meet the very same resistance and ridicule that He faced and dealt with.  This ridicule and resistance does not come from the sinners; it comes from those who claim to be from and of God when they are not.

Jesus freely associated with all kinds of sinners and was condemned for it by those of religious thinking.  Jesus was not welcomed by the religious leaders of His time and most of His special Prophets will not be welcomed by them today.  We will find the religious minded who under the control of Satan the great dragon who lives inside of religion wanting to kill us just as he did Jesus and those who were his friends.  If Christ lives within you unbound and allowed to function and express God's messages, you will be treated as He was treated and you will soon learn who the builders are who rejected the Chief Cornerstone.

You will find them inside the churches now more than ever.  You will find a lot of them dressed in long fancy robes and praying just as Jesus said.  "
They speak of me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me."  The even more serious truth to this is that if you are not being persecuted by the religious minded then there's a very good chance you are not doing your job as a Christian.  If those of serious religious intent are content with you then get on your knees and pray to God that He will show you where you went wrong.  If the anti-instrument, Catholic, Southern Baptists, Charismatic Catholic, or snake charmer churches like you, then you should fear for you immortal soul and ask God what you should do. 

There are churches full of people who think they are saved when they are not and they are not likely to hear it from you or me.  But sometimes one out of several thousand will be touched by God's spirit and move them to seek the answers, to find the truth, and these are the ones you must look for because their churches and their religious leaders and even their friends cannot help them.  These are the people I am here to help and I am not alone; there are others who God has called who are just like me and if you pray for help God will lead you to them.  If you are there called to help then God will lead them to you.

My Brother's Airplane Crash
God speaks in dreams. A prophetic dream.
All my life I have had powerful informative dreams.  God actually speaks to me in dreams now and then using words I can quote and identifying Himself as God.  Sometimes He appears as my father in dreams but even in that form I know who He is.  Now and then I would have dreams about people dying and when I would tell these dreams and then someone would die it was somewhat unsettling not only to those who I told but to me.

At this time in my life I was living at the airport where I lived in my trailer and worked at the airport.  I had a powerful night vision that made me mad.  I saw my brother hand me a plate of fish bones.  The skeleton of a fish was on that plate and I didn't like what I saw one bit.  One week later I returned from a trip to town to discover the dream had come true.  My brother's airplane had crashed only a few yards from my trailer.  In my dream I was facing west; in my trailer I slept facing west.  In my dream my brother came to me from the west with the plate of fish bones.  In the crash his airplane was moving directly toward my trailer from the west.  They said his chances were not good.  His back was broken and he had serious nerve damage.  I'm not even going to describe all the details just believe me the doctors didn't expect him to live.

NOTE: The prophetic warning about brother's crash is clear in this dream but not all the information and meaning was made clear at first.  Only after years and other events did more of the meaning of these things make sense.  The reason for his crash and the subsequent connection to God also apply.  The fact he crashed that close to my trailer (where I lived) also has a meaning.  The fact he was heading right at my trailer also has a meaning.  There's more to the meaning of the fish bones and connection with death that my brother is cursed and not in God's favor.

The fact the dream came true in just a week is amazing enough as sad as it is but my Brother didn't die.  If you have not already figured out the symbols of my brother handing me a plate of fish bones then you should understand it was a message from God about my brother and that fish is a symbol of a human being.  Just as Jesus said, "I will make you fishers of men," you should also understand that fish is a human symbol.  A plate of fish bones is the same as saying either the death or skeleton of a man or person.  Had it not been for all of our prayers to God on my brother's behalf and God then granting him another chance to fulfill his calling to train missionary pilots then I'm fairly sure he would not have survived.

NOTE: You must understand the meaning of that last sentence.  I wrote it correctly from the beginning.  Not for his own behalf but because others were praying for him was he given another chance. He didn't do anything on his own that was good or worthy of a second chance.  If he had that crash wouldn't have happened.  God responded to the prayers of those who loved him.  I was not fully aware how many times God saved him on account of the prayers of others including my own.  Don't get cocky, sometimes God saves people because someone else asked Him to, not because they are special in some other way.

God restored my brother's health enough that he was able and willing to do what God had called him to.  There are so very many misconceptions about the callings of God and there are certain people who God calls who can run but cannot hide.

Other factors and information must be considered because I loved my brother and looked up to him for so long I didn't want to believe bad things about him despite the fact I have been aware of the accumulating circumstances surrounding him.  When God took me in powerful Night vision and revealed to me the angel and the dresser drawers with the big books there were some things that stood out.  There were at least 3 drawers and 3 books in each.  Each book had a name that ended with "Smith" and the last drawer had books, "William Henry Smith, John William Smith, and Bryon Earl Smith."  My dad wasn't there and my brother's name isn't there.  I had to ask why not?

God had called my brother to serve him but when my brother decided to go ahead with his own business plans God dropped the bomb shell on him and put a screeching halt to his life and all of his plans.  My brother and his wife both knew what it was about and when my brother repented of his transgression God allowed him to live and to fulfill his calling.

A sociopath will only admit they have done wrong and offer to repent when they feel they have no other choice.  Wailing in pain, thinking he was going to die, and this is the only time I ever heard my brother openly admit he had done wrong, received a command from God, had disobeyed, and was finally willing to do what God had told him.  Of all the other things I witnessed my brother do, of all the wrongs he has done to me, sisters and others, I've never once heard him admit he was wrong or say he was sorry.  He always says, "
I am without blame, I have no sin."

Don't ever take God's callings for granted.  Don't even think that everyone who is called can just do what they think God wants them to do because it isn't so.  Read your Bible and find out what happened to the Prophets of God who didn't follow His instructions to the letter.  The Bible has numerous accounts from being swallowed by fish to being killed by a lion.  People who God calls by His voice and by their name are very special people to God and they will serve Him exactly as He directs them to OR ELSE!  Far too often the 'or else' is the case, for many are called but few are chosen.

Jonah found out it was better to be killed by an angry mob God had sent him to preach to than to have God after him.  He repented for 3 full days in the belly of a big fish before being puked up and then having to go preach to people who he feared would kill him anyway.  You go back and read my first full blown vision and see what God said to me then think it over real hard.  Either I'm the craziest person on the planet or I'm telling the truth and if I'm telling the truth then look out, there really is a God and He means business.

My brother ran from him too and so did I and I told you about being dead and how I was returned to tell my story.  I didn't tell you how many times I died or how many times I could have been dead and the angels of God rescued me.  God waited for me patiently to come to my senses and I hit the end of my line just like so many do who God has called.  I realized that God would take everything He had given me back if I did not come to my senses and do what He was telling me to do.  I'm more like Jonah than any other prophet I think because I would rather avoid the tribulations of trying to deal with the religious minded of the world and just let them burn.  If I open my mouth and say what God tells me to say I get in trouble and I don't like trouble at all.  So when I say things that offend people believe me it is not by my own choice.

My brother on the other hand grew up in the same churches I did and was told and taught the same things I was.  He was also bound in the spirit to believe that God doesn't talk to people anymore.  But he knew very well that God was calling him and he set out on a path and started several Christian churches along the way.  Nearly every place he and his wife lived they were willing to open their doors to their friends and neighbors and preach and teach the Bible.  I have very good reason to believe that numerous people were saved because of his efforts but God had a much greater calling for him.  God called him to train missionary pilots.

God showed him to paint the airplanes black and white and put a white dove on the doors.  At the same time unbeknownst to him God had called another man and wife to build an airport for the purpose of training the missionary pilots and told him to name it "Dove Field."  Not one thing that happened was a coincidence; it was all well planned by God.

During my life my dad warned me about brother.  He would explain something cryptic to me about him being different than me and each time some part of the message was more revealing but I didn't get it.  The one thing I did get was when dad said "don't tell your brother I said this."  I was working on a long ditch for LaDon Johnson when dad came to check on me, watched me running the dragline for awhile then said, "You have learned to operate the machine, your brother is an imitator.  Don't ever let him know I said that."  He told me other things now and then about brother that always ended in "don't ever let your brother know I said that."  Dad was trying to tell me something along with a warning about brother and I didn't figure it out for many years.

In 2012 God revealed to me what that problem was through a series of unpleasant events and night visions.  Why would God call brother into His service then years later say, "I don't want that man representing me, he's not even saved."  Then he said, "He's unrepentant and unsaved.  He's going to end up just like your dad."  Many are called but few are chosen.  Then I recall that set of dressers with the books in them and brother and dad were not among them.

It came with ominous tones and hit me like a brick when I began to add up my brother's traits and compare them with the list of sociopath traits.  They matched up about 98%.
You can look it up yourself; there's plenty of information on the web. They love people to follow and admire them and will go to great lengths to get it and often find themselves involved in religion, politics, or both.

Everywhere brother went he started a church, not because God told him to but because that's what he knew from childhood.  People go to work, they go to church.  He wasn't happy going to an established church because they were following another leader.  He had to start his own.  To the common person we associate that with some sense of godliness and morals.  We don't see the monster inside the box until something dramatic happens that reveals its true nature.

Sociopaths are instinctive imitators and pathological liars
.  They do it without thinking.  Sometimes they will lie when the truth sounds better.  They love a following.  They feed on the adoration of others.  They deliberately do pointless, unworthy things to gain admiration.  The Pharisees would stand in the street reading scriptures to gain people's admiration.  Today people like this will join groups online and quote scriptures just to get someone to click on the like button for them and that's exactly what my brother does.  There's no lesson in what he quotes and no other practical purpose.

They are often highly intelligent and able to fool the best of us
.  They don't know they are different in a bad way they think they are better than others and that others were put here to serve them.  They feel distended to some great purpose.  They are greedy having a self-serving nature; if the purpose brings them what they want they do it.  If they say it they believe it to the point of being ludicrous.  Quick tempered, excessive force, and they hate to lose an argument or a fight.  They will not back down.  They have a charismatic way about them, some people like them and want to follow them.  They are also paranoid and imagine someone is out to get them when they aren't.

When you hear a story like that of Jimmy Jones or David Koresh you think "
how stupid are these people to believe that sick-o?"  You would never have fallen for that crap!  Yet so many do and you wonder why.

How many historical churches can you think of that had Satanic / demonic services in the basement?

How many of these types of people can you think of or research who had a following of people like a church or cult?

They think they are receiving messages from God, and I'm sure they are hearing voices but I'm also sure it's not God they are hearing.

I looked up to my brother all of my life despite the wicked things I witnessed him do and the things I knew he had done that I heard from sister and others.  I had no idea during those years that he was not of God and in fact is a sociopath.  I put him to a series of tests to be sure and he failed every one, then threatened me one more time.  Upon realizing he is a sociopath everything love had forgiven was undone.  There are two sides to every story and somewhere between them is the truth we need but don't like.  My brother is lost without hope; the only exception are those who still love him and pray for him.  He is not actually responsible for the things he does and says.  He was born with this defect so I don't blame him for what's wrong with him.

Who Established Your Church?
The point I'm trying to make is nothing happens without a reason and the message I'm delivering now is to ask you how many churches do you think were established by sociopaths?  How many people can you think of who were led astray to their deaths by a sociopath?  Now ask yourself again how it is that so many churches can be so far off the mark.  Now compare that same list to the traits you know about Satan; they match up 100%.  Now you are just starting to get the idea.  (More on the mental disorder page.)

God Speaks In Other Ways Through Real Life Messages
Number 12:6 clearly indicates that God has a voice and does speak with certain people clearly and with Moses he spoke clearly and face to face.  While God was scolding Aaron and Merriam He was speaking to them by his voice while appearing in a cloud in the doorway of their tent.  This was a voice they had never heard or experienced before.  But God said He made Himself known to His Prophets first in a vision (which is a frightening real experience) and then speaks with them in dreams which are a dark symbolic language.  It's dark if God isn't speaking to them by voice in a night vision yes but God has many ways of speaking to His people and to His Prophets.  He literally hides His messages in clear sight frequently.

Back when I was trying so hard to find a church home and God was showing me time and time again the churches didn't want anything to do with him.  If they didn't want anything to do with God then certainly they wouldn't want anything to do with someone He sent to them.  You see the old cartoon where the man was seated on the steps of the church and another man came up and asked what the problem was and the man said "they kicked me out of their church" then the other man says "I have been trying to get in there for years."  Then the man on the steps looks up to see he is talking to Jesus.