The Devil Himself
That wasn't the end of the fight with the demons.  When you manage to become spiritually powerful enough to battle the demons in the flesh and in the spirit they know who you are in the underworld.  The moment I began to throw the lesser dark spirits from our house I had begun to make waves in the underworld and this is why Nata showed himself to try to frighten me into submission but I was beyond that.  I had passed from fear into righteous anger and refused to be bullied or frightened by these demons.  I knew without any doubt I had power and authority in God through Christ within me. Upon my successful battle with Nata I had disturbed the devil himself who wasn't likely to let it all go without confronting me. 

He showed up one night without warning and literally jerked me out of my body, slammed me against the wall, and spun me around until I was dizzy.  There he stood at the foot of our bed and there we were laying in bed and I was able to see everything in the bedroom from my place floating near the ceiling.  He threatened to kill me and my wife if I didn't stop my crusade against the dark spirits of the underworld.  I told the devil, "
you have no power or authority over me" then I commanded him in the name of Jesus.  I bound and cast him back where he came from never to return.  Suddenly it was like he was sucked through the floor and he was gone and has never returned to this place.  I returned to my body and instantly woke up, got up, stood at the foot of my bed where the devil had appeared, and began praying.

So many so called Christians think they have some clue what's going on and couldn't even imagine the truth if it jumped out in front of them.  You ever wonder what happens when someone is given the power and authority to kick demon butts?  To shake the pillars of the underworld?  Or perhaps you don't believe there really is a spiritual battle being waged for this world and for the souls of the people.  Perhaps you don't believe what Jesus said when He said, "
We battle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities."  I have seen the powers and principalities in the spirit and, believe me, Jesus was telling the truth.

A Man of Great Spiritual Vision
This is a man who I worked with and then God called Him into His service and gave him powerful spiritual abilities.  He could see angels, demons, and spirits around him where ever he went.  People who have never heard God's voice or experienced these wondrous supernatural things couldn't understand.  They look at me, hear what I have to say, and laugh thinking I must be crazy but what they don't know is I'm not alone.  I'm never alone and I'm not the only one who has experienced these supernatural wonders.  Perhaps God had called this man from before he was born or perhaps He called him later on in life and just then decided to activate this man's spiritual gifts.  I do not know.  It wouldn't be the first time someone who came in contact with me suddenly had God call their name and give them a mission in life to serve the Lord of Light.

This is the man who came and prayed for me and my wife so that we would receive the Holy Spirit of God.  Then he became puzzled when we didn't speak in tongues and he asked God what was going on.  God told him right there we already had the Holy Spirit but that it was bound and then the man changed his prayer and asked that our spirits be unbound.  This is directly related to "being set free in the spirit."  It happened and the moment our spirits were set free we began to speak in our spirit tongues and we began to rejoice and pray in our spirit tongues.

Those who explain and rationalize everything as to why they have no special gifts or never hear God speak to them will say the tongues are the least of all the spirit gifts.  What they fail to understand is God speaks everything into existence and by a command from his mouth spirits obey.  It may be the least of all the gifts in that respect but without it the other gifts will not work as intended.

He was asked to visit a family who had a daughter who was seriously depressed.  Before he entered their house he asked them if they had any images of unicorns in the house.  They lead him into the girl's room and there he discovered the entire room was filled with pictures and images of unicorns.  He said, "
remove them all from this room and give it a few days to see what happens."  They did as they were told but it didn't take a few days to see the results.  The girl perked up and returned to normal in about 24 hours.  Thanks to Hollywood and Disney we tend to imagine things that aren't true, like a unicorn being a pretty horse-like animal with a single horn.  It isn't anything like that.  It is in fact a spirit intended to torment and punish the wicked during the last battle.

A similar thing happened with another person who he went to visit.  The old women was very depressed and before the man entered her home he saw images of owls.  When he went inside, he saw them, and told the women to remove all of the owls she had in her house.  She did as she was told and like the younger girl she recovered quickly from her depression.

What do you want me to tell you about images of unicorns and owls?  I will say that not everything is what it appears to be.  Some things are symbols of things in the spirit world that people should leave alone and not bring them into their homes.  I'll tell you about the unicorn an angel showed me in the underworld later on.

When this man came to my house, he said, "
I see three very large and powerful angels hovering over your house and property.  I find that very unusual."  Then he said, "I see a staircase like thing over here" and he pointed in the direction where the portal was located but I had never told him about the portal.  Then he said, "there are inhuman things on it going up and down."  He was describing the portal into the underworld that existed on this property.  It was here no doubt when the house was built 30 or so years before we came along.  Only a handful of people knew about the portal.  This is where those bad spirits, shadow spirits, and demons were moving in and out of through the portal and through our house.  He could see it and no one here told him about it.  What he didn't understand and God evidently didn't tell him was when and how it came to be there.  We knew the portal was there because of all the strange things that happened here and especially in that one room.  I could see the portal like a dark cave when I was OBE and in the spirit so yes I knew where it was and what was going on there.  One of the angels guarding this place that he saw is named Payah.  The angel Payah paid me a visit one day just to let me know who he was.  His name means "of the border" or "of the two edges" and in his case means "guardian of the portal."

Remember how the man who sold us the house said that something was wrong with the house and he couldn't keep renters in here and couldn't find anyone to sell the house to so he tried to live here himself and discovered the problem with the house was paranormal?  That's right and that's why God sent us here to deal with it.  Of course back then we didn't know what was going on.  All we knew was that God had not only led us to this house but the man selling us the house had also been informed that God would send someone who could live here.

Not long after several strange things happened in a row.  God began sending me images while I was meditating and night visions giving me instructions how to close the portal.  If someone could open it then it could also be closed.  In one of those meditating images I saw the head of an old Indian man with a white feather hanging down over his left ear.  I got up from seeing that image and walked right out in front of the house to see someone who I had never met and did not know was coming pull up in front of our house.  They had driven all the way from Florida to see us and they had prepared to stay for as long as it took to deal with this portal.  I don't recall telling them about it either but they seemed to know things that I had not told them about.  God gave me a list and they provided one or two components for closing the portal.  I did what God told me to do and closed the portal as I was instructed.  This house is now free of the underworld visitors and as normal perhaps even better than most of the houses on this block.  The back room where the portal was became normal again enough so that our oldest daughter has made that her room.  Before no one could sleep in there for any length of time but now there's no problems with it.

Some of us think we know what God's doing and more often than not we discover He is up to things beyond our ability to comprehend.  If we are able to gain even a small understanding of what God is doing in our lives then we have done well.  Why did he send us to this house?  Because we needed a house  and we had asked God to help us find one.  The man who owned this house was asking God for help to sell the house.  Why did God choose us?  Because God knew my spirit and what His intentions are for me in this life and in the spirit.  God was also teaching me very important lessons about spiritual things.  You may have heard of portals to the underworld before but have you ever heard of anyone who had closed one of them?  Now you have.  You don't have to go on my word you can ask my wife or someone else who was here back then.

Closing the Portal
God sent me night visions, images of things, messages in night visions, and even sent people to help me close the portal to prevent the dark entities from moving through our house.  I know this is not the only building that has been plagued with having a portal to the Underworld. The method of closing the portal consisted of a series of components and a process that I was given by God.  I was instructed by God not to reveal the components or method by which the portal was closed.

This may sound strange but the Kingdom of Heaven conceals countless secrets that Jesus came to reveal to his friends.  Jesus who was the incarnation of the Lord of Light still seeks to reveal and explain these secrets to his friends through the Holy Spirit that he provided to those who would accept him.
The first and most important key is the power of the Holy Spirit. The second key is the person attempting to close the portal must have legal authority to do so. Meaning the person trying to close the portal owns the land; they have not only physical authority over that property but spiritual authority as well. The rest comes to the person through prayer, fasting, and answers through night visions and other methods that God provides for them.

This much I can tell you in the event you may have reason to close a portal on your own. Sometimes people call in other people to cleanse a house and they not only fail but bring calamity upon themselves as well as the people they are trying to help. The reason is because they are missing some very important component required to accomplish the task. Without the Holy Spirit they have no real authority. Without having legal authority over the land the dark entities can override the authority saying "
you don't have the right to tell us we can't use this portal."

The owner themselves must make the binding and closing of the portal stick. If they do not have the Holy Spirit with them to reinforce the closing they can and sometimes will inadvertently reopen the portal. Angry spirits who can will take revenge on people. They will even follow people home and bring them problems. If you read the passages above you know that Nata and the Devil came to convince me to leave this portal alone. Their attempts to do so were done through terrorism and fear tactics. This is one of the main methods by which dark entities convince people to do their bidding.  In my case I knew I had the authority of the Lord of Light and the devil and his hoards have no power that can withstand the authority of the Lord of Light that abides with a person through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

On the Cleaning House page I explain how you can clean and protect your home from evil spirits.  I also explain the basics of how to close a portal.

The M.U.F.O.N. Ordeal
Ray Griffin
More messages in both night visions and in the physical world. I had a powerful night vision and heard a voice speaking to me that told me I would meet a strange man who had strange ideas about U.F.O.s and the beings behind them. Then I saw papers in front of me with writing on them. Then the first page turned and on the first lines of the second paragraph I read the highlighted words that said. "Ask them to give you a sign from heaven so that you will know who sent them." Then I woke and wrote down the night vision.

I was asked to shoot video of a M.U.F.O.N. convention in Eureka Springs, AR. That event took place just one week from the time of the night vision. I had written it down but didn't think any more about it. At this event I was there with my video crew and sure enough a strange man approached me at every moment when I was not busy. In between the speakers this man would speak to me about UFO sightings in and near Fyffe, AL.  He told me that I would go there and told me of two women who were reporters for a local paper.  He said I would go there and speak with them about a huge dark triangular UFO being sighted all around the area.  I had no intentions of going at that time but something else changed my mind.

Something else happened while we were there that I would like to mention now. While we were on a break standing in the hallway, this man was telling me more about the reasons why I was going to see these two women in Alabama.  While he was talking a short heavyset women approached and stood staring at me.  Finally I asked her if I could help her and she asked me if would be speaking at this convention.  I told her I was only a videographer and was not going to speak.  I asked why she asked me this.  She said, "
Because I can see your aura and I know that you know more about this subject than anyone else here today." I looked at the strange man I mentioned and he just smiled like he knew things he wasn't telling.  Of course he did.

I'm not one to brag except about Christ. The woman could see the aura of the Holy Spirit that abides with me.  She could see the brightness of this spirit and no one else there had a spirit as bright.

I came home and with no intention of going to Alabama. I had another powerful night vision. I was standing on the back porch of the house where I grew up. I was with the preacher's son who I would sometimes play with as a kid.  I saw a wall of fog come up between our houses. I saw a brilliant fluid like living light move up inside the fog.  I saw part of it break off and fly up into the night sky where it changed shapes and became a flying saucer.  I told my friend, "
Let's go see this thing."  We walked nearly to the light in the fog watching the image of the spaceship in the sky. Then suddenly it darted away toward the East. Then I walked over and looked into the fog to see the light that remained. Then I returned to the back porch and I turned and looked at the light again.  Now it was as if I were standing in the fog and could see the light clearly. Then it changed shape and became an image that I recognized and I was given to understand what it was the symbol of. Then I returned to the back porch, in a flash I was there.  I said, "I must go to see these reporters in Alabama."  Then I woke and went to write down my night vision.  Then I saw the previous dream that had told me of the strange man and then I remembered these dreams and that all these things had happened just as I had been told.

The Reporters
Alabama:  The reporters I spoke with told me their story about the strange UFO that had been sighted by thousands in that area.  Susan Stockman said she was going to prove this "thing" was a top secret military craft, but she soon found out the "thing" was not made by human hands nor was it controlled by beings of flesh and blood.  Terry Baker, the other reporter, said she didn't know what it was but her and Susan went to a sighting event along with many others.  They were standing in a field waiting for the mysterious UFO to appear when they were approached by a strange man.  They said this man acted like he knew who they were.  He began speaking to them as if he knew them.  He told them if they wanted to have an experience with the beings of the UFO they should return on another night because the UFO was not going to appear that night, and it didn't.  And he told them where to be and when.

On that day and at that time and place Susan and Terry went with cameras, after all they were reporters.  Parked in a field in the middle of the night with cameras ready they expected to see the UFO, but that's not what happened.  Suddenly they heard a sound all around them.  They described the sound as such.  "
Like you dumped a lot of gasoline on a parking lot then lit it."  It was a great "wooooshing" sound!  Suddenly they knew they were not alone.  The spiritual presence of the beings responsible for the huge dark blue triangular UFO was with them.  (Like the sound of a great wind.  Like the sound of rushing water.  You will find descriptions of the presence of God in the Bible described in these words.)  They literally left everything laying there, climbed into a sport Ford Mustang through the driver's side door, and drove to the fire department in Fyffe, AL.  When they finally regained their courage some time later they returned and retrieved their cameras and equipment and went home.  This was just the beginning of their experiences with the beings of the HUGE UFO. If you suspected this strange man was the same one who approached me that day you would be correct.

I told the reporters what I had experienced that brought me to see them.  They asked me about the symbol I had seen and I did not described it to them and they did not know.  They told the strange man and believe me he knew what the symbol was and what it represented.  This was a revelation of Biblical proportions.  A message contained in a symbol that's been lost for many 100's of years.  It was given to me in a powerful night vision and the meaning of it and intended to be used as a sign so that I would know "who sent him."

When I returned home that man called me on the phone and asked me what that symbol was that I saw and I told him to tell me and he did.  That symbol went along with the UFO that was being sighted in the Fyffe, AL area.  But that same UFO has been sighted world-wide.  So I asked the man, "
Is that the Great Elder's flagship?"  And he answered "Now you are on the right track."

Nashville Reporters
Strange impossible things started happening in the reporters' lives.  Like viewing tomorrow's news on the TV set and hearing police calls that had not been made yet over their office telephone.  Two news reporters came in from Nashville, TN to get the story about the huge triangular UFO.  They came straight to Terry and Susan.  Terry told them to go out into the woods at a certain place and time and not to take their cameras with them if they truly wanted to see something extraordinary.  They laughed, but went and did as they were told.  While waiting thinking how ridiculous this was and how they thought Terry and Susan where having a big laugh at their expense they heard the sound of a tractor trailer rig going down the highway, but they were miles from the highway.  They looked up to see where the sound was coming from and saw a trailer (no tractor) pass above the treetops close enough they could see the rivets in the side.  They totally freaked out!  They wanted an experience and they got one.  One that completely defied the logic they built the foundations of their beliefs upon. They went expecting to see a craft just as Susan and Terry had, but what they saw indicated to them the beings they were dealing with were not just aliens but something so far beyond the physical plane of existence the human mind could not comprehend them or their capabilities.  The huge triangular UFO people had been seeing isn't just an alien craft, it is a living expression of truly supernatural proportions.  It can become anything the astral beings want it to be.  Physical size is not limited.  Time and space do not apply.  And now either you think this story is completely insane and not worth reading further or you have a few new questions you need answers for.

It's easy enough to say I'm crazy, but I never did see this UFO.  I did however have contact with the beings who are responsible for that craft.  Susan and Terry on the other hand are still having experiences.  Susan has seen the beings in her house at night.  She described them to me as being tall beings wearing dark cloaked robes.  "
They walk through the wall," she said.  Of all the people I spoke with Susan was the only one who not only had photos of the UFO at night but saw the UFO in the daylight hovering over a field beside a school house west of Rainsville, AL.  She's the one who said, "It's not black, it's dark blue." And, "The glowing orbs of light at the points are not attached to the triangular part of the UFO at all.  They can fly around independently of the body of the craft."

She told me these things while on video tape and standing in the same location she had been when she saw the UFO up close in the daylight.  How she came to be there was also a mystery.  She said she was listening to the police scanner as she normally did and heard a police report there had been an accident.  She jumped into her car and drove to the location where the accident had been reported but there was no accident.  Then the UFO showed up, came up over the trees, and hovered right there beside her and the highway for about 5 min and not one other vehicle came past at that time.  Then it went back behind the trees and was gone.  She tried to find her camera but did not have it with her.  She said it was a first for her, being a reporter she always has her camera with her.  She went home, asked her husband if he had heard the police report, and he said he had not.  She called the police dispatch and asked them and they said there had been no accidents at all.  But she knew she had heard the report!  Now the question was, who sent it?
Other Sightings
I can't verify these reports, I saw them on TV, but here they are.  Several others have reported seeing a craft of the same or very similar description.  In Russia a craft of this description was said to have been sighted over a Russian anti-aircraft station.  Two or three of the Russian soldiers fired on the craft.  A beam of light came out, the soldiers vanished only to reappear moments later without their weapons.  This was reported by Russian soldiers at that site who witnessed the event.  Miles away over the ocean, F14 Tomcats reported a UFO of similar description.  As the report goes when several of the jets came near the UFO they vanished never to reappear again.  This same thing was reported on at least two occasions by US military and at least once by Russian military.  Who knows, perhaps those beings know what became of Flight 19.

Albuquerque, NM 1992
I took the family on vacation, my wife Dawn, daughters Laura (5) and Kristy (3).  We went out through Denver, CO where I bought a new Ham radio HT.  We made the rounds through the country and on our way back our engine made some bad sounds 3 miles out of Albuquerque.  Dawn pulled the car over on the side of the road and I knew from the sounds from the engine we needed a wrecker.

We had a big sign that said "Call the Police" and we took turns holding it and trying to flag someone down.  The traffic never slowed and in several hours in the desert heat we never saw one police car!  My wife and I finally got tired of holding the sign and realized we were going to have to seek help somewhere else.  It was evident that our faith in American humanity doing the right thing and helping us was misplaced.  At this point I said a short prayer asking God to send someone to help us.

Concerned for the safety of my family and not knowing exactly how far it was into Albuquerque I began contemplating using the HAM radio I had bought to call for help.  Even though I didn't have my license yet, I was ready to take my test and was aware that if someone's life is in danger you can legally use any radio to call for help.  I checked my Ham repeater "blue book" and located a HAM repeater frequency near Albuquerque.  I set the offsets and listened to some HAMs chatting for a bit.  Just as I was about to make the call I heard tires squealing past us.  A car pulled over violently in front of us.  A man ran from the car to ask us if he could help.   He looked surprised, almost in shock as he spoke.

He helped us get to a gas station 3 miles down the road and waited as we spoke to the people inside.  I came back out and offered him a $20 and thanked him for stopping.  He refused to take my money.  I insisted that we had been there for hours and not one other person had offered to help us.

He said, "
That's all right, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Try me," I said.

As I was passing you God spoke to me and said pull over and help those people right now!" he said with a nod.

I nodded likewise and responded.  "
It figures.  If we were going to get help in this God forsaken place it would be God Himself who would send it."

Who are you?" the man asked, wondering who was so important that God would speak on our behalf.

I'm just a man with my family.  We stood out there for a long time on the highway and no one would help us so I asked God to send someone and I guess He did," I answered.

The man nodded, waved goodbye, got back into his car, and left.

It's one thing when a person says a prayer and asks God for help.  It's another thing when God actually sends help.

It's still another thing when God speaks verbally so that someone else can hear His voice
.  My point is that if God can speak to me, as He has in the past, He can speak to anyone.  When people say God doesn't speak to people anymore what they are really saying is God has never spoken to them like that.

So I can say yes God actually spoke to me same as anyone talking, but more impressive.  And it's my word that it happened and there is no real evidence it actually did happen.  But when God speaks to someone else on your behalf and they hear him driving down the road and pull over to help someone then God wasn't speaking to me, He was speaking to someone else about me.  There were witnesses to the event but only one person who heard His voice that day.

So when I tell people God can and will speak to people I am speaking from my own experience.  Believe it.

People In General - Family - Forgiveness - Mental Illness - Etc.

Growing up in a haunted house and being taught there were no ghosts, only demons, I soon learned young that my teachers who I looked up to who should have known better didn't have a clue and that included my mom and dad.

I looked up to my brother like he was so awesome.  That's what I wanted to believe so that's how I saw him despite the fact he was a bully.  You mess with brother and you get the bull's horns and it doesn't make any difference if he's the one in the wrong or not, and he usually was.

I witnessed quite a lot of things brother did that I don't like to think about let alone mention to others.  I knew from early on that he had something bad in him but not knowing what and unable to do anything about it I did my best to forget and overlook the evil he did to others.

I've loved brother despite all the bad things I know and saw him do and looked up to him nearly all my life.  He was my hero, flawed and cracked but still he was my brother and to me he was awesome.

People are people and they tend to find evidence to believe what they choose to believe in.  God doesn't work like that.  When God wants me to write an object lesson on these pages He sends something at me or allows something to happen that pressures me into writing.  To do that effectively I must call on the Holy Spirit to guide my fingers to type the right words.  If I write something that's not quite what God wanted the Holy Spirit sends me dreams the very next night to show me that I messed up.  That's what happened last night so I'm here first thing this morning to fix this segment of this page.

The most powerful lessons are the ones that hit home and cause a kind of awakening in one's soul.  It causes people to realize they have chosen to believe something that isn't true just because that's what they wanted to believe.

We want to believe that preachers are sent by God but the truth is Jesus warned us about the wolves in sheep's clothing and that's exactly the kind of thing we find in real life.  People who are preachers and shouldn't be.  If you knew all the evil they had done you wouldn't listen to them, follow them, or believe anything they say.  Some of them should be in jail for the wicked things they do but they are still out there fleecing the members of their churches in the name of God when God didn't send them to do what they are doing.  More of those preachers are sociopaths than you might imagine - intelligent, self serving, deceptive people.

Let's face it, the bible tells us that many are called but few are chosen and I've seen people who were called and not chosen who earnestly went to work doing favors for God.  Meaning they read the bible and do things they think God wants them to do without having or listening to the Holy Spirit to guide them.  In God's own words to me He said, "
Don't do me any favors."  He was making reference to those who think they are working for Him when they aren't hearing anything He's saying to them.  He let me know He doesn't want me to be like them.