What about Angels ?
Grandpa Campbell was an old man living with us.  Every morning I would make an effort to go see him and every morning I would have to explain to him who I was.  One morning I walked into the room and he greeted me by my name.  I was somewhat surprised.  There was something different about the room; the energy made the hair on my arms stand up.

We began to talk and every now and then he would look at the wall at the foot of his bed.  Finally he said, "
You should get those men some chairs, they must be tired they have been standing there all night."  I glanced at the wall and realized we were in the presence of angels.  I told him not to worry that those men would not get tired.

As I was leaving he said, "
I know who they are, they are angels and they have come to take me home."  I told mom as I left for work what was going on and that day when I returned home they were taking him away in the ambulance.  Grandpa died that day.  He saw two angels in his room, they looked like men and he knew who they were.  You won't find grandpa's ghost haunting that house because grandpa isn't there, he's in heaven with the angels, and mother, and sister.  More on angels later.

What about UFO's ?
In the 1970's at different times we had seen a strange white light moving around in the sky but had never been very close to it.  One day while down on the river near the fish market I was talking to some of my friends around 11pm when we saw a bright white light coming south down the river toward us. 

I watched for a while then realized it wasn't a light on a barge.  If it had been it would have been swinging from side to side but this one wasn't flashing around at all.  I asked one of my friends, Bim Shanks (
R.I.P.), who lived there in a little house with his brother and he said, "That's our UFO." 

Then he proceeded to explain how it would come up over the railroad bridge then turn west and go up over the power lines over the mine.  It would hover there from five to ten minutes and then would cross south west over town to the top of the next flat on the hill AKA Old Pearl Prairie.  Then it would go straight south until it was out of sight.  We watched and sure enough this thing came right up near us over the bridge then turned and went up over the hill and power lines just as they had said.  We jumped in my car and literally drove up a tractor path up a steep hill to get to it and just as we cleared the trees the UFO moved off toward the south west.  Several times we were close enough to it to see that it was not an airplane or helicopter.  It never made a sound.  We raced to the hill top where we had seen it and couldn't find it anywhere.  We drove along looking in all directions and then suddenly one of the guys with me yelled, "
There it is, behind us!"  I stopped the car and we all got out and watched.  Sure enough we must have passed right by it  and had not seen it and then suddenly there it was again in clear view.

Over the next few months we chased the UFO in my 1970 Dodge Charger R/T many times.  It became a weekly event - buy a case of beer, go to the fish market, get Bim and Danny Baldwin sometimes one of Bim's brothers, and go chase the UFO.  This UFO was so familiar with us it would sometimes play games by blinking out in one location then reappearing in another all within less than a half mile of us.

I'm not sure how many days passed but I was out roller skating with another friend Leslie Allen AKA 'Butch' and we were coming home sometime after 11pm when we saw the bright light hovering over the power lines.  I told Butch to pull over inside the town limits and we would watch it pass over.  So he pulled over and we were standing in front of his car when it appeared.  The object was getting closer to us.  I said, "
Looks like it is getting larger," and then I realized it was coming straight at us.  The next thing I knew it was hovering right in front of us and my friend, being frightened, jumped in the car and went to back up but hit drive and nearly ran over me.  I jumped into the car on the run then he hit the brakes and I was looking up through the windshield directly at the bottom of that thing.  He began to back up and I saw headlights behind us.  We watched as the bright light went up into the sky and south across the prairie over the hill.

Come to find out the people who we had seen coming up behind us was my dad and younger sister Gina.  They had also seen the bright object fly up over the hill and disappear. 

The object was bright white, very bright to look at with a fluid like silver blue halo moving over it.  It should have lit up the entire town but it didn't.  It did not make any sounds at all.  It had a black area that was narrow at the top and wide at the bottom and appeared to be a window through which someone inside must have been watching us.

Another friend of mine, Albert Cloninger who lived on that old area south of town admitted that it had landed in front of him one night and he nearly hit it.  He said his car died and lights went out and he had to slam on his brakes to keep from hitting the thing.  He said it sat there for a few moments and he was afraid to unlock his doors.  Then he said it took off and his lights came back on and engine started.

You read about people, hear stories, and watch movies where someone was asleep and saw an alien being in their bedrooms and wonder if they didn't just dream it all.  But these sightings were not those of dreamers they were wide awake out driving around.  These were not distant sightings either where someone may have mistaken some small light to be something it wasn't.  These were close up sightings where there was no mistaking what was being observed.  I could tell several more true stories about this one but for now please understand there is such a thing as UFO's and there are beings inside of them.  Please also understand that not all UFO's are what they appear to be.  Not all aliens are what they appear to be. 
But I met parents whose son would go for rides with the "spacemen" in this flying saucer and he said they look just like we do.  If you met them on the street dressed as we do you would never know who they were.

My first Vocal call from God
I was playing with a country band back then and we were having practice at the band manager's house and when my lead part came up suddenly the only thing I could hear was God calling me by my name.  He said, "Bryon Smith, get out of here."

I was shocked!  I missed my lead part and had the oddest expression on my face.  The manager Jerry Bugg stopped the song and started over again.  At exactly the same place, God called again exactly as He had done before and again I went into shock.  The manager stopped the song, looked at me and said something like, "
Are you all right?  You look like you have just seen a ghost."

Naturally I wasn't about to tell them what I had just experienced.  I prayed about it seeking some answer as to what exactly God wanted me to get out of and a week later some "old friends" were told a lie about something some kid said I did.  His dad, grandpa, and uncle decided they would teach me a lesson and since I they had murdered 6 people that I knew of I wasn't about to hang around.  I didn't even know why they were after me at that point and one of them literally chased me through my own house.  When I got outside there were two more of them after me threatening to kill me.

I would love to mention their names.  I've never liked them but they were friends of my dad.  What myself and several others knew about them could get us killed and that's why we never said anything.  This was a family of bullies, and I expect still is to this day.  The boy said I had run him off the road while he was riding his mini-bike, a Honda Trail 50 if I recall.  But it was a one lane dirt road and I had pulled off on the grass to let him by and the evidence of that was still in the grass.  He wrecked in the middle of the road.  He lied because he had so many wrecks on it that his dad said if he wrecked it one more time he was going to take it away from him.  His solution to that problem was to blame someone else and that happened to be me.  Wrong place; Wrong time.

I found my life being threatened and I decided the best thing for me to do was leave town ASAP and start life over somewhere else miles from there.  I must say I don't care for those people at all but they performed a service for God and for me by acting on the lie they were told as well as on their own ignorance of the truth.  Since then I have discover that God frequently uses the emotions of the unenlightened to perform certain services for Him.  Not because they know the truth or love but because they just don't know any better.  In this God accomplishes His plans not because of people but literally despite them.

The key part of this segment is this, God called me by my name and warned me of danger to "get out of there" a full week before trouble came looking for me.  At this moment I realized God can and will speak to His children in no uncertain terms.

Second Big Call From God
I found myself in a much larger city on my own without a friend in the world.  Well that is except for God who I now knew without a doubt could answer me in a loud clear voice that could be quoted word for word.  God wanted to literally strip me of everything that was familiar to me except for him.  I was going to put everything on His altar one way or another and then learn to trust and to communicate with Him.  My Bible and God were my two closest friends.

I hadn't been there more than a week or two when in the middle of the night some men were trying to beat my door down.  The only weapon I had was my guitar and I told them leave me alone, that I was armed.  They stopped beating on the door and I could hear one say, "He's got a gun!"  The next thing I heard was a scuffle as someone tackled them and dragged them away.

Within two weeks of having my life threatened at home I had my life threatened again and just the thought that I might be armed was what caused the men outside my door to stop and wonder just long enough for someone else, perhaps the police, to grab them and take them away.  Good for the second amendment.  Not long after that I saved two fellow SCUBA diver's lives after we all swam into a cave and the visibility went to zero.  I got out then seeing they were not there went back in and led them both out.  A short time later three or four more divers went in there and the entire cave collapsed on them killing them all.  The pit known as the Blue Hole in Galena, KS was closed to divers after that.

312 E 12th St.
I finally found myself at 312 E. 12th street in a house that had been converted into an apartment building.  One man lived downstairs and there were three apartments upstairs.  I made a few friends and became involved in an interdenominational church group.  One day they planned to go on a door to door crusade and asked me if I would join them.  I told them I would join them if God said it was all right.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  I get that a lot now.  They didn't understand that I knew that God could and would speak to me loud and clear. 

Seated at my little desk I set in to praying about it not only expecting God to answer but practically demanding Him to.  I got up and laid down in my bed and fell through it into a full blown vision.

I was falling toward what looked like the sun.  I was screaming bloody murder and the only star in the sky was directly over me.  Suddenly it came at me, became a large white hand and as it came near I grabbed at it and instantly fell away from it.  Again I called for help, again the hand came to get me, again I grabbed at it and again I fell away from it.  I realized my mistake was in grabbing at the hand and trying to save myself.  I called for help again and this time crossed my arms over my chest.  The hand caught me and suddenly I found myself floating about a foot or two over the bed with my hands straight in the air.

The entire building was shaking.  I heard God call me by my spirit name and I answered.  Then the voice came from the thunder and said, "
Don't do Me any favors.  You will be where I want you to be when I want you to be there.  You will say what I want you to say when I want you to say it.  You will do what I want you to do when I want you to do it.  Do not do Me any favors."  (This is an exact quote of what God said to me that night.)

I floated back down on the bed and the moment the thunder ceased I could hear the old man in the next room beating on my wall yelling, "
What in the world is going on in there!"  So I know what happened to me that night was not a dream or a night vision at all and I wasn't the only one who heard it.  I was the only one who truly experienced it though.  I didn't realize at that moment but right then I had come under the category of Numbers 12:6.  God would explain that to me years later.

Needless to say God answered my prayer and told me that going on that door to door with my friends for me would be considered doing God some favor that He did not approve of.  I never told them not to go but took it as a personal message to me not to go.  It became evident to me that God doesn't just speak like that to everyone and they had to follow their hearts while I had to obey what God was telling me personally.

The other important thing to consider is no matter what I say, think, or do God had spoken to me personally calling me by my name and delivered a very specific and personal message to me.  If I believe God tells the truth then I must also trust in what He told me.  Every time I think about doing anything related to God's business I stop and think, "Did God tell me to do this?"  Then I listen for the Holy Spirit inside me to say something one way or the other.  Most of the time I can get an answer right then even if the answer is to "wait for an answer."  When I do or say something I have reason to regret since I am a very sensitive person I remember what God told me.

I hate to offend people.  I hate to offend anyone and that is my own personal feelings.  I would prefer they just go on believing what they want rather than to have them hate me over something God had me try to correct them about.  Some people are offensive for no good reason while others only speak the truth and the truth itself tends to offend people.

Jesus offended a lot of religious people in his life and his Apostles went on from there to offend other religious people until all of them were put to death for crimes against God, all but one and he died on an Island prison.  If eating meat offered to idols is not a sin unless you eat of it in front of a brother or sister who thinks it is a sin then don't eat it.  But when a person continually practices dangerous spiritual misconceptions then it is better to try to help that child of God to understand they are making a mistake even if they don't want to hear it.

When Jonah finally went to Nineveh he spoke before a multitude of people who were living in sin and that's the message he delivered to them even in fear of his life.  Like Jonah telling people they are living in sin or practicing things that God would not have them do is not one of my most favorite things.  Why do I do it then?  Because like Jonah found out I don't want God mad at me.  So when I feel badly about offending someone with the truth or wonder if I have done the right thing I remember what God told me in that vision.  I am only to do what God wants me to do and what I do will be what He wants.  If I make a mistake, believe me, God tells me about it in no uncertain terms and I'll rush to tell who ever I made the mistake with that God has corrected my teaching.  I'll tell them I made a mistake in my understanding.  In the end it is just as God told me, I will do what He wants just as He said that I would.  Then my faith is not in my own works or deeds and not in my own understanding but only in what comes to me from the Mouth of God, who is the Living Word of God living inside me.

Out of the Blue!
It was at this same building in the same room while two friends and I were looking out the window at a storm that was passing the area when lighting struck the communications tower at the Campbell's 66 truck port across the road.  A blue bolt of lightning splintered from it and came through my window right between my two friends and hit me square in the head.

I saw the blue flash come through the window but the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor 30 minutes later while one of my friends was still trying to revive me and the other had just picked up the phone and was getting ready to call an ambulance.

I worked for Communications Specialists at that time and that tower that had been struck by lightning was one of our towers.  I also find it interesting that the name of the business was Campbell's since my grandpa who saw the angels the day he died was Campbell.  The slogan for Campbell's 66 was "Humpin' To Please."  For me it was all about communicating with God.  That's why He brought me there and that's what the process was all about.

The trucking company is a delivery service and that's what God was doing.  He was sending me a message literally in a bolt of lightning, to a communications tower from a delivery service that I actually worked on.  This event was witnessed by my two friends.  Still I wouldn't understand much about the singular events until later on, some of them years later in fact.  A lot of strange paranormal things happened to me at that place and a lot of it involved learning to understand dreams.  I kept a dream journal at that time, I had several of them filled in fact and now I have lost all but one or two over the years.  I had other computer journals that I wrote but the computers they were written on were old and long gone along with those journals.  The oldest of those were on Tandy Color Computer cassette tapes.  Others were on a Tandy Model 4 on floppy disk.  Others were on old PC floppies and backed up on some kind of tape backup.  All unreliable.

Southern Baptist Church
(Second church I got kicked out of.)
I was in that city for 3 to 3.5 years then packed up and moved to another place were I set up my own business, a C.B. radio shop.  Up the hill on a side road was a small Southern Baptist Church.  It was close and easy to get to so I made that my usual Sunday morning stop.  I hate to say it but I can't remember when I had ever been in a church that was so spiritually cold.  These people were like the living dead!  In no time though the pastor there realized that my spirit compared to theirs literally glowed.  He said he wanted me to join their church and he said "we need more people like you in here."  Of course being who I was I always asked God for permission or advise about what ever I did that had to do with His business and I told the preacher I would consult God about it and ask Him.  Of course the preacher quoted something out of the Bible to me in order to convince me that it was God's will that I join that church but what the pastor didn't know was that I all ready had a direct hot line to the Lord of Light and was able to get information and advise on a personal level.  I could actually ask God and get answers while this pastor had never heard the voice of God in his life.

Well God said no showing me His response in night visions and usually in symbols.  I found some of them particularly disturbing.  I felt in my heart and mind they were a contradiction to what God would normally say but despite my own feelings about it I would do what God said.  Still I returned to that church on Sunday morning as usual and began to take a friend with me.  This particular friend I am speaking of is perhaps the only genius I can call friend.  He worked for me, had a first class radio phone license to work on all kinds of radio equipment.  He fixed C.B.'s for me at the C.B. shop.  He held an advanced class HAM radio license which he advanced to extra class, that's as high as you can get.  He built his first HAM radio fairly much from scratch when he was 14 years old and his own dad was a Missionary Baptist Minister.  I learned in time there was a huge difference between the Missionary Baptists and the Southern Baptists.  Some of the Southern Baptists have a huge chip on their shoulders.  That's neither here nor there and could be that God was sending me to the most Godless churches He could find in that area in order to teach me these lessons.

As it went in our adult Sunday school class the pastor being the teacher would sometimes make mistakes in his quotes of the Bible and my friend would correct him.  The preacher would look it up, see that my friend was correct and admit his mistake.

Several Sundays passed and at each Sunday school class the pastor would make some mistake and my friend would correct him on it and each time the pastor would look up the scripture and admit he had made a mistake.  Then one day the pastor came to me and asked me not to bring my friend back to church anymore because he was disruptive.  My friend had greater knowledge of the scriptures than the preacher did and that didn't set well with the pastor.  He didn't like being corrected.  He would much rather preach a lie to the people than to be corrected.  His response to God trying to teach him was exactly the same.  He continually taught his congregation little mistakes every Sunday, some of those mistakes would cost some of those people a great deal.

He asked me to join their church telling me they needed people with my kind of spirit.  Again I quoted something from the Bible that literally came out of my mouth as a surprise to me telling him that God would decide.  Everything this pastor came out with from the Bible God would speak something through my mouth to correct him on his own use of particular texts.  I told the man I would continue to pray then I would go out and wonder where in the world these words were coming from that I had just spoken but had not even thought of a moment before.  Then the words of another scripture came to me telling me at certain times we were not to think what we would say but God would give us the words to say.  In my case literally putting them into my mouth.

I actually wanted to join a church but God was showing me there was something serious wrong with that church and God was trying to teach me something very important that over years would become a valuable lesson and part of my own ministry.  I learned the Southern Baptist actually vote to see if someone can join their church.  God said they were judging to see if someone was worthy of entering heaven or not.  God was letting me know that He had sent me and for someone like them to vote to see if I was good enough to join their church was an insult to God.

God had more to show me like that entire church was filled with people having the spirit of religion that had taken the place of the Holy Spirit of God.  Meaning they all thought they were saved but not one of them had the Holy Spirit and not one of them were saved.

The pastor could sense the Holy Spirit with me and this is why he continually begged me to join their church.  I told a certain family what God was showing me in my night visions about them and the fact they were all lost and needed to pray for the Holy Spirit.  They scolded me telling me that if God was going to speak to someone it would be to them and certainly not to me.  These people actually had me doubting what God was telling me and more than once had me crying and apologizing for repeating what God had said to me.

They said I had caused them to doubt their salvation and that was an evil thing that I had done.  Think they would have been somewhat concerned had they known God really had sent me to tell them these things?  Better safe than sorry I always say.  And they were the ones trying to cause me to doubt that God had been speaking to me all those years, so who are the evil ones anyway?

The third time the pastor there asked me to join their church I was going out the door with an angry mob behind me pushing to get out the door and suddenly God opened my mouth and said, "
You have enough Baptists in your church, you need some Christians."  It was very clear and very simple.  I stood there in shock for a moment upon hearing the words that had come from my mouth.  The next thing I knew several very angry Baptist women were chasing me across the parking lot threatening to kill me.  I ran fearing for my life.  I backed my white charger right into a power pole before I could get it pointed out of the parking lot to make my escape.

There was something very interesting in the way God spoke through me using the terms Baptist and the term Christian.  He was saying there wasn't anyone in that church who were saved.  There wasn't anyone in there who were of Christ.  The religious spirits knew what had come out of my mouth and they sought to kill the messenger.  Those were evil dark spirits and demons that worshipped in that church.  They had all the people there bound in the spirit and controlled them like puppets.

That afternoon one of the women who had threatened my life at the church called me at my C.B. shop and threatened my life for a full 30 minutes and I just sat there and listened to her.  She said and I quote, "
I could kill you and God would forgive me for it!"  She called me everything but a human being during that call and insulted me in every way she could think of and God heard the entire thing.

These spirits of religion like the ones in that church and with this women and her family are extremely dangerous. They have killed people before in the name of God and they are quite willing to admit they would do it again.  These are the same spirits that were in the scribes and religious leaders in the time of Jesus who had Jesus put to death at the hands of the Romans.  These are the spirits among certain religions who crucify Christ every single day and night where ever they can.  These are the spirits that drive away countless numbers of people from these churches, people who are smart enough to know they can't find God in there among certain religious people.  Then the people searching for help end up going somewhere else and sometimes they come back with an attitude against God all because of the people in the churches they met who claimed to be of God were not of God.  I have had people send me messages telling me the devil is really God and Jesus is the devil and it was all the result of someone who was searching for the truth, went to church, and ended up encountering spirits of religion instead of the Holy Spirit of God.

That same night I slept in the floor in the closet in my C.B. shop.  I prayed until I fell asleep from exhaustion and God sent me two powerful night visions.

The Dragon of the Underworld.
A night vision is like the most vivid dream you could ever imagine.  It's not really a dream but similar to a dream in that a person will be asleep when they see the vision.  I found myself on an elevator with a lot of other people going deep into the earth.  There was a man there talking like a tour guide.  He was telling us we were going where no human had been before.  The doors opened and we were deep inside the earth.  The tunnel was dark and covered with mud.  I was the first out out the door and I saw human tracks everywhere and realized the tour guide didn't have a clue what he was saying.

I had a flashlight and walked into the tunnel and stopped.  I knew something was very wrong.  I watched as the people separated into smaller groups and each group would choose a side tunnel.  I looked at the ground and saw a huge dragon footprint in the mud and I began to yell at the people to come back, they were in danger.  I even ran after 3 of the men who were walking and talking and they returned almost far enough to see what I wanted to show them.  They said, "
What is it?"  I told them, "I have found dragon foot prints here, there's danger down here!"  They laughed at me, called me names, said I was crazy, then instead of just looking to see the tracks for themselves they turned and went their own way once again.

I looked at the foot print then felt hot breath on my neck.  I looked up and there I saw the fire red eyes of a transparent dragon looking down at me.  I saw the dragon was invisible to the people and the dragon had dug all those tunnels and had divided the people who would be God's people but because of the dragon they do not understand the difference between the Holy Spirit and the spirits of religion.

The dragon hated me because I had discovered its existence and now could see it because God had opened my eyes.  It acted like it wanted to eat me and I stood there and looked up at it and said, "
You can eat me if you want because I'm not going to run."  I looked at the last three men as they vanished into the darkness of their religious world then back up at the dragon, "And I'm not going to follow them either."

I woke up.  God gave me the divine understanding of the night vision then I prayed myself back to sleep again and another powerful night vision came to me.  The thing you need to understand about this particular night vision is that God was showing me how it was the devil who divided the people in the name of religion.  It was the devil who caused the people to argue and take sides so that they created the denominations.  This was not God's doing, it was the devil in the form of the great dragon who did this.

Pig Headed Preacher!
I found myself in an old classroom (old school) like back in the early 1900's perhaps and it was filled with old style school desks.  I was there with my friend who I mentioned who the preacher said don't bring him back to church.  I saw a big man with the head of a pig in front of the classroom and he had a very boisterous voice.  He was preaching up a storm and then before I realized it he attacked my friend and began trying to choke him to death.  I jumped on the big pig man's back and pulled my right shoe off and began whacking him over the head with the heel of my right shoe.

Once again the moment I woke God gave me the divine understanding of the message.  He was telling me the pastor at that Southern Baptist church was a pig headed teacher and that God was furious with him.

Monday morning rolled around and here came that preacher to talk to me at my C.B. shop. He asked me to return to their church and to set things right with him and the people there.  There was no way I was ever going back to that place.  I had my life threatened and now God had shown me the truth about the kinds of spirits that worked the people up there like puppets.

Now I told the pastor that God and sent me two powerful night visions and I told him what God had shown me in them.  He said, "
Dreams have no value, why even dogs dream."  To which I responded, "Yes, I'm sure that God speaks to his creatures."  Then I told him to read Numbers 12:6 and he did.  Then he said, "Well I never thought about dreams like that before."  To which I responded, "Perhaps you should."  The pastor left and that was the end of my business with them.  A pastor who doesn't know the Bible any better than that shouldn't be teaching.  A preacher who doesn't have a direct functional line to the the Father and can hear the Father speaking to them shouldn't be preaching either.  People need to be led by those who can "see" and who do "understand" both the scriptures and spiritual things.

Not long after that the pastor had a heart attack and lost his ministry.  Remember the woman who threatened my life?  Her younger daughter went to a Southern Baptist College and while there was out drinking with a new boyfriend from that same collage.  He was so drunk he ran off the road, the car rolled over breaking her neck and killing her.  The younger son went to prison for armed robbery.  Her husband divorced her.  Her older son came down ill and nearly died.  He did finally recover and then became a Southern Baptist preacher.  I just hope he's closer to God than the one who was there in their church before.  God allowed the girl of religion to return from the grave to tell me where she ended up and why.

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