Glowing Green female Alien!
I know I promised I wouldn't tell anyone but since I'm not going to use his name here and since it was years ago I'm going to tell you.  Remember her older son who I just mentioned became the Southern Baptist minister?  One day before they ran me off from that church he called me outside and wanted to tell me a story about something that happened to him one night.  He said a glowing green female alien came in through his open window, had sex with him, then floated back out the window.  He went to the window and watched her leaving and thought this was so strange it just had to be a dream but there went some kind of craft off into the night sky and he realized he was wide awake and looking out the window.  He was so concerned about it he needed to tell someone but he was frightened to tell anyone from that church or anyone who was a member of his family for fear what they might think or do.  He knew I had seen a real UFO back in 1970 and therefore would be more likely to believe him so that's why he chose to tell me his story.  I don't think he made it up but I also know that not all aliens are what you might think they are.  His glowing green alien could very well have been a demon or even some manifested spirit of religion that had come to take advantage of him.  Now how would you like this man to be the pastor of your church?  All I can say is I know their church was full of demons and bad spirits of all kinds and I pray that God delivered him from those wicked spirits.

The Pentecostal Church
God speaks to the preacher on our behalf.
No I didn't get kicked out of this church.  Something completely different happened here.  I took a friend of mine who later became my wife to a particular Pentecostal church and we arrived early.  We were seated in the back on the left hand side and could hear the preacher praying and singing to God in English and in the spirit tongue.  On this particular day I had just enough in my pocket to buy a hamburger and small drink and I don't think she had but a little bit of change.  Meaning one of us could eat or we could split something small but that was the best we could do.

As church began they passed the offering trays and I put in everything we had knowing we wouldn't be eating that day.  But I trusted that God would take care of us and here's what happened.  Right after the offering the preacher said, "
God tells me we have some very special guests with us today and He wants to give you a gift."  The preacher gave an envelope to one of the ushers who gave it to us.  Inside were two passes for a full meal at a nice restaurant.  I acted on faith and God took care of us because the preacher of that church was one of God's own and because that man was able to speak to God and hear God speaking back to him.  The preacher didn't have to understand even what was in the envelope all he had to do was to understand that God told him to do something then to act upon it.  Often in our lives this is how God works - have faith, act upon God's directions and then we can understand later.

In the other churches that I got kicked out of, the spirits there were spirits of religion but here while this preacher was teaching I could feel the warmth of the spirit of God flowing through the building.  Later on we returned to see this preacher and discovered the elders had fired him and he had moved on to another church.  I was never able to find him after that.  As I said, usually the better the preacher is the sooner the elders or someone in the church finds a way to get rid of them.  There's a lot more reasons to this as you might imagine but, simply put, the devil works his hardest inside of the churches to prevent them from having preachers and teachers who really can speak with and get real time answers back from God.  As yet not everyone has a personal real time working relationship with God and it is good when one with spiritual insight and understanding is the teacher.  If the people are led and shown their way into the personal relationship with God then the people avoid falling into the ditch.

A Vision Foretelling Mother's Death
I was sick when this happened and had an awful sore throat that was keeping me awake.  I was living in a small trailer on an Ozark mountain in the forest.  I wasn't asleep, I was only wishing I were, when suddenly a spirit took hold of me and I sat bolt upright in bed with my arms over my head and began speaking in an unlearned language.  It sounded very much like Hebrew.  I was unable to move the entire time and as these words flowed from my mouth I thought the devil himself had come for me.

A red fiery form appeared on the door at the foot of my bed and it was as if it were burning through the door except there was no heat or smoke
.  The red flames formed into the shape of a women's outline and I was so frightened I was fighting to get loose.  Suddenly it let me go and I literally fell over in bed.  I hit the floor instantly and ran to the other end of the trailer expecting something was about to get me.   I paced the floor for about an hour drinking hot tea and things to ease the pain in my throat.  About an hour passed before I worked up courage to return to bed.  When I did I discovered I couldn't take my eyes from the door where I had seen the image.

I finally decided to roll over and face the wall, I closed my eyes and in a moment felt I was not alone. I rolled back over and there standing beside my bed was the biggest Great Dane dog I had ever seen.  It was the color of a deer, tan in color, and had what I sometimes call "white-fire" eyes.  I looked into the dog's eyes and it was like looking into infinity.  I was shocked and amazed but I was not afraid of the big dog.  I laughed and asked, "What are you doing here?"  The big dog looked at the door where the fire-like image had appeared, then it looked at me.  It did this three times and as it did suddenly I understood that a women who was very close to me was going to die but that I should not worry because she would be in heaven with God.  The moment I understood this the dog walked right out through the door and vanished.  I got up and paced the floor for another hour.

The next morning I went to tell my sister in-law what I had seen and found her and her children gathered on the sofa looking as if they had been there most of the night.  In fact they looked like they had seen a ghost.  I said, "
You won't believe what happened to me last night!"  And she said something like "Try me."  I told her what I had seen and she then began to tell me what had transpired during the night there.  She said her oldest son had awakened in the night screaming.  She ran to see what was wrong and turned the light on.  She said he was looking into the mirror and pointing saying, "It's grandma, it's grandma and she's all dressed in red."

I had received the message of what was going to happen and he had received the message of who it was going to happen to.  It wasn't long after this we received a call telling us my mother had taken ill and was in the hospital.  The call came in around 11am that morning.  We went to Pittsfield, IL to the hospital.  It was the last time I saw mom while she was awake and lucid.  She was transported to Springfield to a hospital and it wasn't long after that she died.  The reason she died was because of taking the pain killer Tylenol that was prescribed to her by her doctor for pain in her leg.  She had been told it was a safe drug and she had nothing to fear from it and it killed her.

(NOTE: Previously I tried to keep certain facts out of the story because we prefer to see the best in those we love, even if they don't deserve it.  After past unpleasant events I've decided the truth is sometimes better said than hidden. The last time I described this to my brother he said my dates and times were all wrong.  Of course he had no visit from an angel that night and I have learned his memory of certain things can be way off or completely fictional.  Not only that, he sometimes tells one story one week and a different one about the same event the next week.  It doesn't prevent him from trying to correct others with his incorrect information.  Lionel didn't like the fact that both Skyler and I had a vision foretelling mother's death and he had not experienced anything.  This will make a little more sense later on.)

The Shadow of Death!
An Out of Body Experience
My very first out of body experience happened while I was living alone in my little trailer out in the Ozark mountains not far from the Lake of the Ozarks.  It was winter, it was cold outside and chilly inside.  I only had one little oil stove and it was at the other end of the trailer.

I was alone and had just laid down to go to sleep when I heard the wood pile outside my bedroom at the end of the trailer fall.  I got up, got my 1911 45 pistol, and went out to see.  Tam and her pups were under the trailer and they had not barked but looked frightened.  If it had been a woodland animal she would have been all over it.

I walked to the end of the trailer looked and there was nothing there.  I went back into the trailer with the hair on the back of my neck standing.  I put the gun up and got the bible and went back to bed.  What ever was out there wasn't something that could be dealt with by using a gun.

I laid back down and in moments a living shadow literally came through the wall and covered me.  The moment it did I couldn't breath or move.  I prayed it away in the name of Jesus and it went back out the way it had come in.  I got up and walked the floor for awhile afraid of what the thing was and what its intentions were with me.  I finally laid back down and the thing came again covering me as before and again I prayed it off in the name of Jesus and it left as it had previously.  Again I walked the floor for awhile before returning to bed.  I wasn't dreaming, I had not fallen asleep.  I saw this thing with my own eyes as it came through the trailer wall.

Finally I laid down again and here that thing came again, covering me, and this time I thought if I prayed it away twice and still it returns then God must have some reason for it to be here.  Then I put my entire faith and trust in God's hands and I prayed to God that His will for me be accomplished.  Instantly I sat up and was not cold anymore except for my legs.  I saw my hands in front of me then looked down and saw another pair of hands beside me.  I was frightened.  I turned to see myself laying there as if dead.  I saw my own face from outside of my body.  Extremely disconcerting especially the first time it happens. 

I prayed again and said, "
Ok Lord what do you want with me?"  The next thing that happened was the wall vanished and I found myself as if floating in space with two large hooded angels one at each side.  I saw what I thought was a single star in the night sky.  I could not tell if it was coming toward me or if I was going toward it.  Then when I was near I saw it was a massive city of great light.  Then I saw the face of a very old man appear over the right side of the city and this man I understood was one they refer to as the ancient of days in the Bible.  It may have also been the symbol of the "Face of the Father."  Then he smiled at me and vanished.  Then on the left side I saw another face appear and this one was the face of Jesus Christ.  Upon His head he wore a simple golden crown with 12 points.  I know because I counted the points 3 times then He smiled and I found myself seated back in my body just as I had been before the angels took me away.

Once again my legs were cold and then something pulled me back into my body.  The next thing I knew I was chilled all over.  I had a flashlight in my right hand as I had it in my hand because of the dark shadow spirit that had come over me.  I tried to turn the light on, flipped the switch but nothing happened.  I tried again and nothing but then on the third time the light came on and the shadow was completely gone.

My first full blown vision back at 312E. 12th street could be considered an OBE but because I did not leave my body and see myself there I did not classify it as being an OBE.  This one however I was able to see myself laying there in the bed as if I were dead.

God gave me the understanding of what I had experienced and said it is the spirit of the Shadow of Death the prophet spoke of when describing the valley of the shadow of death.  God didn't want me dead but the only way to show me these things was to take me there in spirit to see them as He had done with other of His prophets in the past.  I saw the face of the older man on my right and the face of Jesus on the left placing Jesus at the right side of the face of the older man.  If the older man was The Father that would put Jesus at His right hand.

Charismatic Catholic Church
The third church I got kicked out of
A friend of mine was also on a quest to find the truth and would go from one church to another nearly every weekend.  He took me to a Charismatic Catholic Church one Sunday night.  Catholics were trying to get back to God but refusing to turn loose of their Catholic religious bonds that held them fast.

While they were having a sharing they asked me if I had any spiritual experiences I would like to share with them so I told them about my experience with the Shadow of Death.  Their leader politely told my friend that I was possessed by a demon and they didn't want me there.

When the Pentecostals believe someone is possessed by a demon they will pray for you laying on hands and praying in spirit to the Father for help.  These people on the other hand were not interested in helping anyone they were only interested in the feeling the Holy Spirit could give them as they received it like a drug.  Can you imagine what it is like for someone who only had the spirits of religion for years then suddenly to discover there really is a Holy Spirit that can make a difference in their lives?

A real Holy Spirit that can enter a person and they can feel it moving inside them!  They knew the Catholic Church had not told them or taught them the truth about these things so they moved off and began their own church trying to bridge what they had from the Catholic religion over into what they had discovered from the Holy Spirit while God was trying to free them of their religious bondage.  Once they received the Holy Spirit they knew it was real but they refused to listen to it and to release the bonds that had been placed upon them by the Catholic religion.  They refused to lay their religion and everything else on the altar before God and ask Him for the truth.  If they had they wouldn't have been holding onto God with one hand and their former religious bondage with the other.

The moment their religious leader discovered what a powerful experience God had given me to share the spirit of religion inside of him felt threatened by my presence.  He knew that I would tell his people things that would release them from that spirit of religion and allow their spirits to fully communicate with God.  He knew that spirit would try to release them from their bondage and he wasn't about to have that happen because he wanted to maintain complete control over those people.

He wanted them to experience the Holy Spirit as he had done but he refused to allow God to be in charge of his church for fear that God would take away his influence over those people.  He also knew by watching the faces of those who heard my story they were hungry for the truth and they knew I was telling them the truth.  He knew I wasn't possessed by a demon either and praying for me wouldn't help his situation at all because there was no demon in me but spirits of religion that held him bound were threatened.  So he lied and told my friend that I was possessed by a demon and told my friend never to bring me back there again.

This is one method the devil uses to prevent God's messages from reaching the people.  If someone discovers some truth that sets them free from one particular bondage the devil will quickly rush in with other spirits of religion to prevent that person from becoming truly set free by the Holy Spirit of God.  It's a path people walk in their lives and the moment the Holy Spirit comes into a person's life the devil, the dragon, is always working to prevent that person from being as powerful in the spirit as they can be.  Those who fight their way through to the end become the Elite of God who are mentioned in Revelation 14.  The devil is very afraid of them because they will not follow anyone but God and they have great power in the spirit.

So now you see these Catholics were being set free by the Holy Spirit and they were discovering the truth about so many things the Catholic religion had held from them and had even lied to them about.  Then here comes the devil in the name of God and by the spirit of religion to control these people and keep them bound separate from the Catholic church hoping to avoid infecting others of the Catholic church with the spirit of truth about the Holy Spirit but also preventing them from reaching out to God for their full spiritual freedom.  These are things God was teaching through experiences and then explaining to me in night visions.  These are not things I could have learned by some instant divine revelation.  There are some things you just can't learn by being told about them, you must experience them yourself and then ask God to explain it for you.

Another Southern Baptist Church
The fourth church I was kicked out of.
Still searching for a church where I felt I could belong and still not fully understanding what God was trying to teach me I continued to search.  I found another little Southern Baptist church out in the country and began going there.  I went to one of their weekly Bible discussions and during the discussion someone mentioned something in the Bible that I had already researched and was aware that it was a mistranslation.  I informed the group that I had searched the Strong's Concordance and gave them the correct translation for these particular verses.  I mentioned the place in the Bible where demons and Lilliths were translated as wild animals and owls.  The next Sunday night the moment my girlfriend and I entered the building we felt a chill in the air that we recognized was a bad spirit instantly.  A few moments later the preacher called me in front of the entire church to humiliate me.  He said that one of the Bible study group members had told him what I had said about the Bible having mistranslations in it and told me that if I ever spoke bad of the Bible again that would be the end of me coming to their church.  Instantly the Holy Spirit inside me spoke to reveal what God had been trying to teach me all those years about how the devil created the known religions as they are today.  He showed me how the devil had bound the people up and prevented them from receiving their salvation because of the improper practice of physical acts.  Meaning the devil got people to focus on the physical and caused them to miss the spiritual things God really wanted us to understand and to receive.

I learned this Southern Baptist church, like the previous one I had been literally chased out of, taught that the Bible was "The Living Word of God."  To them pointing out a mistranslation in the Bible was like calling God a liar and they were not going to stand for it.  These people didn't have the Holy Spirit of God. They had the spirit of religion and were lost without even realizing it.  They pray frequently but never hear God speaking back to them so when the spirits of religion would speak to them in their hearts and minds they mistook it to be the Holy Spirit of God.

Serious Important Stuff
Over the next year or so God showed me many things about my calling and how I would serve Him by exposing these lies.  He showed me the difference between praying through your mouth and praying in the spirit.  Praying by your mouth is just words into the air but praying in the spirit through the Holy Spirit that Christ created and gave to His children was the same as praying to the Father in the name of Jesus.  He showed me how so very many things He taught were symbolic of spiritual things and the symbols themselves had no real value except to teach people the understanding of the spiritual counterpart.  He showed me the difference in these things are the reasons why He spoke in parables and symbolic languages.  He showed me how and why dreams are a dark language that also use symbols for this very reason.  He taught me to understand the terminology and understanding between the "Inspired Word of God" and the "Living Word of God."

Why I Have No Church Home
What churches did I find the spirit of God in?
I went from one church to another and have no idea how many different churches I went to over the years but God would show me them in dreams and then I would just get up and follow where the Spirit of God led me on different days and on Sundays and whenever the spirit moved me.  God had kept me separated from them so that I could see and learn without being influenced by them which churches were closer to God than others.  What I learned was the Pentecostal churches were far closer to God than all others I had ever seen.  The Holy Spirit there is the real thing and not just some spirit of religion trying to control the people.  I never once got kicked out of a Pentecostal church for any reason.  I felt so completely at home in all of them that I went to that I would have stayed except for one thing, God didn't want me to.  Why not?  Because He wanted me to be able to truthfully write this for you without saying I had been influenced by the Pentecostal churches to say the things I say here.  I'm not talking about all Pentecostal churches but the ones I went to, the ones God led me to.

I am aware of snake charmer Pentecostals who are so far off the mark because they dare God to prove to them they are saved by placing themselves in harm's way. God said don't tempt Him or test him in those ways and there are some who do.  They do this for the adrenalin rush it gives them as they mistake this feeling to be the Holy Spirit guiding them, but it is not.

I am aware of another radical Pentecostal church that instead of praying for someone's salvation they literally beat the devil out of a man and someone called the Police to come break up their church one Sunday morning.  At that time I worked on police radios and overheard the commotion on a police scanner.  They had to have E.M.T.s in an ambulance to come take the poor man to the hospital.  The devil uses these out of control so called Pentecostal churches to drive people away from and prevent newcomers from going to the real Pentecostal churches that are of God.  I don't recommend going to any of these extreme so called Pentecostal churches but I'm talking about the regular Pentecostal churches most commonly found around the country.  The Assembly of God churches are a basic down to earth Pentecostal church where anyone should do well.  Evangel Temple and Tabernacles are also Pentecostal churches.  Tent revivals are usually lead by a Pentecostal missionary minister of the Gospel and usually these ministers have special abilities and a very special calling which is why they travel as they do. I love a good old fashion tent revival.  People pray in the spirit and people get healed.

Of all the churches in the world the devil hates the spirit filled Pentecostals the most
.  He can't stop them so he does his best to defame them through these radical churches he is able to worm his way inside of.  Just don't believe everything you see or hear because the truth is out there and so is the devil doing everything he can to muck up things for us.