Let's Look At The Facts
Fact #1:  Technically Humans can't send demons after anyone.  They are more likely to turn against someone who gives them a command than to go after someone else on command.  The moment Lucifer found out that God intended for humans to command angels he set out to prevent God's plan from succeeding.  From that moment on demons hate taking orders from humans.  If you know the history of Lucifer you will understand why without explanation.

Fact #1a:  While ordnary people can't send a demon after someone a person who's made a deal with the devil and has some understanding of these things might send sub-demons (energy demons) after someone.  This is known as a curse.  Curses do not work on people who are protected by God's angels.  Curses are repelled by guardian angels and send the sub-demons right back to the person who sent it.  We know they aren't protected by God's angels because people who curse others are not in God's favor.  When you add that up you will realize those out there hating and murdering in the name of their God do not belong to God.

Fact #1b:  Voodoo or dark witchcraft relies on chemistry and deception, along with the victims's own paranoias.  If the practitioner of evil can make someone believe evil is out to get them they can literally scare that person into a state of self destruction.  (If the preacher can make you believe you can get demons from watching TV then because of your own beliefs and fears evil can find you. Not because of the TV set, but because you have opened yourself to the lie and therefore to the evil.  TV or not you have a problem.)

Fact #2: Anyone who is innocent and in God's favor as one of His children is automatically protected from any evil that might get around Fact #1.

Fact #3: People invite evil upon themselves by the things they do and by the things they believe in.

Fact #4: People who go looking for evil are likely to find it.  People who call evil to them for whatever their reason are likely to get more than they bargained for.  This is why we tell people do not use methods of communicating with spirits that require that spirit to use you as the instrument.  Ouija boards and similar things are a bad idea because this is exactly what they do.  It's why certain historical haunting cases began with a Ouija board.

Fact #5: Anyone who is constantly finding evil / demons everywhere is not someone you want to associate with.  These people have opened themselves up to the concept of evil spirits being after them and therefore they attract not only bad energy to them but to anyone who happens to associate with them who is likely to believe what they say.

Follow The Rules
I'm explaining these things in this order the way I am because I want you to understand rather than fear evil spirits.  What you should be afraid of is trying to use evil against someone.  You've heard the saying, all dark magic comes with a price?  That's exactly right.  People like Ronny D. send demons after people then come along pretending to help them and the problems seem to magically go away, for awhile.  Then he needs a "donation" from anyone gullible enough to believe him.  These sub-demons feed upon him and his followers.  Like a dog they will respond to their host's emotional and mental state.

Long ago people would ask God to curse someone they didn't like.  This is cursing and also known as "swearing."  So yes the idea of sending evil spirits after someone a person doesn't like has existed for 1000's of years.  People will occasionally send evil spirits after those they don't like but more often do it unintentionally or are not aware what they have done.  They don't just command some demon to go after someone unless they are practitioners of the dark arts.  In which case they have already made a deal with the devil, even if they don't believe he exists.

In old Testament time people didn't have the Holy Spirit to help them, but today we do.  The Holy Spirit is the Creator's signature in energy form.  Anyone who has this spirit has certain recognition and authority in the spirit world.

There are exceptions to almost every rule if you know the rules but God's angels will defend His children as long as His children follow the rules.  This is why Jesus said be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.  Know what the serpent knows but don't use that against another person in any way.  Do this and anything that someone else might send after you will be repelled by your guardian angel right back at the one who sent it.  These things are how I know Ronny D. and the paranoid group don't have a clue what they are doing.  If demons are after them it's because they don't follow the rules.  Their understanding is flawed and they have no angels protecting them.  What they have is a delusion.

Take Command
Give a person a fish you feed them for a day. 
Teach them to fish and you feed them for a life time.

A man wrote to tell me he was under attack.  He said people were writing curses on eggs and throwing them at his house.  He wanted me to tell him what to do.   I told him "They can't hurt you do not be afraid of them.  Call the police and report them."  He did and that was the end of that problem. 
Truth, logic and knowledge empowers people. 
Once a person understands they no longer need the teacher to hold their hands.

Evil, lies, deceptions, false teachers bind and enslave people to keep them depending upon someone else to protect and help them.  Whew, sounds like the government doesn't it?  Yes our society is riddled with flaws and things that want to keep us enslaved.

Aside from the fact Hollywood and the people in these TV shows are making a mint the purpose for the viewer is not just to be entertained but to learn that such things actually do exist.  The bible talks about evil spirits, demons and angels but do you think someone can get a demon from the bible?  Of course not.  You can't get one from the TV either but you can get crap thinking from the trash shows.  Logic and common sense are required.

While Hollywood is a huge melting pot of demons and the TV shows and movies reflect this Demons do not come through the TV set.  Let's just say they advertise through any media available, however they are attracted to fearful paranoid gullible people in much the same way bleeding in shark infested waters attracts the predators.  If someone sent an angel of illumination to these people to allow them to see their own demons they would think that person sent them the demon, they wouldn't know any different.  It's impossible to help someone like that and best to avoid them if at all possible.

I did send some angels out to gain some information about two of those people and they did come back with the information I asked for.  I will save that for a new page in dealing with evil spirits.  It's time for me to share a few things here about how to deal with evil spirits and explain why it works like it does.  Please find the button in the menu that says "Paranormal". :-)

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