If you know of any really "Spooky Places" where really strange things happen please share your story with us. Tell us everything you can about this place and as close as you can to when the event took place. Is this an on going strange place like a haunting or a spook light where a mysterious balls of light appears out of nowhere in the night then moves as if by intelligent will off into the night? Is it a place where a vehicle when shut off and in neutral will roll up hill?  Are there sightings of UFOs or bigfoot?  If you think we might find your story of interest please tell us all you can about this spooky place.  We will consider your story as a future investigation sight.
I've been in the battle for my life against cancer for the past 5 years and the story is posted on two of my other websites.

We no longer do investigations.

There are plenty of other groups out there who can help, please contact one near you if you need help.

This site remains for historical and information purposes only.

This is the official Spooky Places website and is in the process of being redesigned.
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Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Chester, AR.
Investigation The Stanley Hotel!
July 16-17th 2017

We are bringing the entire team back together for a new adventure.  We are planning a brand new trip to Stanley Hotel this year with psychic medium Vickie Gay.  We have updated the news page so please go read the updates and event pages.  Join our group on Facebook for fresh updates and information.
We spent a week shooting in Virginia City, NV and Gold Hill summer 2002. We captured plenty of orbs and interesting interviews.   I returned to Virginia City in 2003 to help a friend working on a production she calls "Ghost's of Pipers" and she helped me with segments for Spooky Places."  I'm in her show and she's in ours.  Ghosts of Piper's is showing in Reno, NV and Palo Alto, CA on nonprofit cable.
Spooky Places
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Laura and I returned to Virginia City and Gold Hill Aug. 17th-21st 2008 for a ghost hunt with Bill Brown, channel 2 Reno.  New streaming video and pictures now on line!

We have a mini DV that has allowed us to recover lost video from 2002.  We are once again working on the Spooky Places show.  3-23-2008.  We have a new Sony HDR SR 120 gig hard drive camera with super night vision for our work.  Can shoot all night long without tapes.
At the Chester House Inn B&B you can experience days gone by with all the modern comforts of home. Catering to adult travelers the Inn is located 25 miles South of Fayetteville, AR on I-540 and 12 miles North of Alma, AR and I-40. The Inn provides guests a peaceful setting in which to relax and enjoy the Boston Mountains and the Ozarks.
Disclaimer / Warning and Good Advice

We of the Spooky Places team aren't here to entertain the general public, we are here to help people with paranormal problems and to answer questions.  We do not get paid for what we do.  We are not trying to attract a following like the paranormal shows do.

TV programs and movies have glorified the act of paranormal investigation making it look like a fun harmless activity.  Granted ghosts generally pose no threat to the living.  Many haunted locations are only inhabited or visited by ghosts.
A ghost is the spirit of one who was once a living human.  Other things however exist in the spirit world that can be harmful and even dangerous.  Not all hauntings are ghosts, some of those things were never human, they hate humans and can do a wide range of destructive things to humans when challenged.

It is disconcerting to hear someone say "We were doing something that was suppose to be fun and wondering if we were about to die."  Or "I couldn't breath, I felt as if something was choking me!"  "I came out of there with scratches and bruises all over me!"  "It was like something scratched me then poured bleach on the scratches, I was burning up."

Often haunted attractions are built inside haunted locations and while most of them are harmless some of them have dangerous entities in them.  Some of these locations will make you read and sign a type of contract that releases them from any legal implications in case someone on their tour gets hurt.  Anyone who enters the attraction must recognize they are doing so at their own risk.  The people who run these types of attractions are aware of those risks.

I tell people if you are not having problems with evil spirits then don't go looking for them. Don't try to attract them to your home by using things like the Ouija board that require spirits to interact through the living.  It's easy to call evil spirits to you but it's much harder to get rid of them.  There are spirits that I call by several names, sub-demon, gremlins, shadow entities, etc.  These are often misidentified as Poltergeists or noisy ghosts.  They are not ghosts at all they are evil entities that love conflict and feed on human fear.

Please read the ghost hunting guide and advice segments of this site for more information.
We no longer do investigations.
If you have a paranormal problem you should contact the nearest documented investigators near you.